Sheck Wes – Never Lost Lyrics

[Intro] Mudboy Yeah, yeah [Verse 1] Time never wasted and love never lost Talent done took me places never been You don’t know why, why, you love me so much You never had love, but felt it before Where I came from, they shootin’ the four (Mudboy) Where I come from, no books in the stores (Bitch) Where I come […]

Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba lyrics

16yrold Bitch Daytrip took it to ten I got hoes calling a young nigga phone (ring ring) Where’s Ali with the motherfucking dope? (bitch, bitch) I be ballin’ like a mo’fuckin’ pro (like a, huh, like a, huh) I be ballin’ like my nigga Mo (Bamba, bitch) Sheck Wes, I ain’t a mo’fuckin’ joke (haha, hahahahaha) Steph Wes stay with […]