Stormzy – Wiley Flow Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Wiley] Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before But as I approach my birthday All you man are my youngers You man are my youngers bruv [Verse 1] If you can’t do 10K first week Then I don’t wanna’ hear no chat about numbers You man are my youngers All blacked out like grungers Tens and twenties and […]

Eric Bellinger – No Games Lyrics

[Intro: Eric Bellinger] Playa– This that true shit, yeah Playa-playa shit only Oh-oh, yeah It’s Eazy! Hol’ up [Verse 1: Eric Bellinger] You say you love me (You do) But you quick to end shit, yeah I don’t pretend, nah True ’till my end, so Keep it one thousand (Keep it a stack with me) And I’ll always be honest […]

Quavo – LOST lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo] Hope I don’t get lost (Ooh-ooh, ooh) Hope I don’t get lost (Get lost, lost) Lost, in a world (Lost) In this world, they divide us all (In this world, world) In this world, they divide us all (In this world, divide) Oh yeah (Divide, oh yeah, woo) I hope the money don’t diminish y’all (Yeah) I hope […]

Vedo – Right Or Wrong Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah yeah Oh no Yeah Yeah yeah It’s Vedo, baby Rock me baby Drop [Verse 1] Yeah yeah shawty been rocking with me since myspace yeah We used to kick at my place yeah Treat everyday like it’s your birthday yeah That’s why can nobody tell nothing ’bout you Girl i know sometimes I can be handful No one […]

Key Glock – Cocky (Uncensored)

I walk up in the party, money bustin out my pockets Rubber bands, these ain’t no wallet bitch Yeah bitch, im so cocky Chillin’ with some thotties But these bitches look like barbies I just threw a slumber party All these hoes just give me noggin’ I just bought two choppers 2 K’s, Kendall Kylie If you play then I’m […]

2NE1 – Falling In Love lyrics

Let that Rhythm make a mess uh! Kill them! [Intro] [CL] You Ready? You Ready? Are you Ready? You ain’t Ready! [CL] Touch me over here Touch me touch me over there Touch me over here Touch me over there Touch me over here Touch me touch me over there Touch touch touch touch Yeah Yeah [Verse 1] [Minzy] Oh […]

Weather Girls – Hey Boy ❤~For What Reason

終わった恋に光る涙一粒 (Oh Whoa oh oh oh oh) みんなああいう風にして 天気の話なんかして (Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah) 僕無しでもキミなら平気」 勝手に決めつけるなんて 代わりにあいつを殴ってやりたい 再見 Bye Bye さよなら ねぇ ウェイシェンモ ウェイシェンモ 男って単純過ぎる 来来 女だって 強がって生きてるの ready? メイクアップしたなら baby? もう振り向かない Can’t you see?もういいし? no no no 鈍いの Can’t you see? ウォーシャンマー この機会にダイエット成功させよう (Oh Whoa oh oh oh oh) 雑談して 露出はちょっとだけアップ (Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah) 綺麗になった自撮り写メ 間違ったふりして 送信 きっと今頃 後悔の嵐よ 再見 Bye Bye さよなら もう ウェイシェンモ ウェイシェンモ 男って見てるようで 来来 どこ見てんの? もっとちゃんと見つめて ready? 女は誰でも baby […]

Bap – That’s My Jam lyrics

[Daehyun] Yeah That’s My Jam Burn It Up Areumdaun i bame momeul heundeureo Party Modu You You You Got It Yeah That’s My Jam Pump It Up Sori jilleo Everybody rideume majchwo Shout It Neukkyeo You You You Got It [Yongguk] So Hot In Here Wolhwasumokgeumtoil nora Shoot goal in Naege buteo I’m Fresh & Ill Yeojadeuregen Big Chance Lady […]

Shinee – Prism lyrics

[Onew] Geu eotteon geul geu eotteon mal Geu eotteon pyojeong geu eotteon bichui eoneodo Naegen boiji anhdeon ([Jonghyun] In Love) [Taemin] Geu pyojeongdo nega hamyeon Geu maldo neol geochimyeon [Jonghyun] Uimireul ttigo From red to violet Machi mujigaecheoreom naege pyeolchyeojyeo [Key] Nunbusyeo bol su eoptdeon Tumyeonghae boiji anhdeon Neoui geu du nunbicheuro nae mameul bichueo [Onew] Nae mam Baby bichueo […]

Shinee – U Need Me lyrics

[Taemin] Nareul bwajwo Here I am Heundeullineun bamhaneul sogeseo Cheoeumbuteo yunanhi bitnago itdeon baro Sirius [Key] Neol wihae doel su itneun modeun Gyeonguui sureul da deohae Nal hangsang chajeul su itdorok I’ll follow I’ll follow [Jonghyun] Baby girl (My girl) Tteugeoun taeyangi jimyeon Neoreul mannareo galge Oh [All] Eodumi chajaomyeon U Need Me Malhaji anhado dwae I’ll play it Akkimeopsi […]