Chief Keef – So Cal Lyrics

[Hook] I can’t put the pole down Babygirl, you know now Your boyfriend want that smoke, how He ain’t got no style I can’t put the bankroll down Babygirl, you really know how To make a nigga go “wow” I’m living out in So Cal [Verse] I ride a Lamb like a Kawasaki I take a shot, who is there […]

Asher Roth – Wu Financial Lyrics

[Intro: Asher Roth] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Asher Roth] Ayo styles upon styles upon style upon styles Ain’t seen a blond this hot since Barb Wire Since Limewire been downloading illegally Ain’t bought a CD since like 2003 Nah everything’s speeding Gravity in 3D Many think we cheated and beat it with Game Genie PlayStation triple play ’98 New […]