Denzel Curry – SPEEDBOAT Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I went from stickin’ pennies in the jar to offshore bank accounts See me and my conglomerates is lucrative I’m talkin’ big money, big chains, big guns, nigga More power [Chorus] Big talk, speedboat (Speedboat) Pray to God I don’t get repoed (Repoed) Didn’t go to college for a free throw (Swish) People gettin’ killed through […]

SahBabii – Watery Lyrics

[Hook] Bitch I got water, you never can boil it Hoe I got water, but don’t compare me to toilets She cooking the shrimp while she sucking the dick, that lil hoe from New Orleans Leave that milk in her mouth and she swallow no delta lil baby don’t spoil it [Bridge] Diamonds on watery shit, all of my diamonds […]