Young Thug – Paper Terminator Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Guwop and Meechie (say it) Free them, real legends (yeah) They took care of the streets I know they gon’ go to heaven (uhh) We got London on da track You wouldn’t think they locked up The way that they steady blessin’ (oh) I’ma give them some (oh) And I’m gon’ ice out both they necklaces […]

Ace Hood – Remember

Real life Ace Hood, yea We the motherfuckin’ best, huh? Lil’ bro you know I got you I made my way from the bottom And I’m grindin’ (I’m grindin’) I wake up every morning lookin’ for commas (for commas) ‘Bout my dollars (yeah) I’m goin’ all out and that’s on my mama (on my mama) On my mama Yeah, ’cause […]