Rick Ross – I Still Pray Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rick Ross] Rick Ross was reportedly hospitalized early Friday morning Sources close to Rick Ross tell **** that he’s been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs He’s reported getting treatment in the cardiac unit, which is a strong sign that he could’ve suffered a heart attack that […]

Kanye West – 4th Dimension lyrics

[Intro: Louis Prima] Down the chimney, he will come With his great big smile And you’ll find that even the kiddies Are swingin’ in the latest style Oh, oh, oh What is Santa bringing? Oh, oh, oh I wonder whether he’ll be swingin’ [Verse 1: Kanye West] It feels so good it should cost Bought an alligator, I ain’t talkin’ […]

東京女子流 – ラストロマンス 歌詞

February 13, 2018 by JBuzz ラストロマンス 歌詞 東京女子流 (Tokyo Girls’ Style) アルバム/ Album: ラストロマンス – Single作詞/ Lyricist: 春ねむり作曲/ Composer: 春ねむり発売日/ Release date: 2018/02/28Language: 日本語/ Japanese 東京女子流 – ラストロマンス KANJI LYRICS 波打つ音に目を閉じてきみの鼓動のリズムを思い出している生まれ変わらない細胞がまだ体温を忘れてはくれないの 永遠だって誓っちゃったわりにあっけないおとぎ話が終わっても死んじゃえもしないよねえ どうしようもないよね どうしようもないよねどうしようもないよねどうしようもないよねどうしようもないよね あしたせかいが終わったらなにもない地平線で神さまは泣くのかなきみの気持ちが壊れたら恋心 抱きしめて 深い海へと沈むわディア・マイ・ラスト・ロマンス あしたせかいが終わったらきみの気持ちが壊れたら ララ・ララ・ララ・ララ・ララ ねむれない夜が終わっても錆びついた こころじゃもう なにも感じられないよ朝が焼けるころ打ち寄せたさよならを 抱きしめて 深い海へと沈む あしたせかいが終わったらなにもない地平線で神さまは泣くのかなきみの気持ちが壊れたら恋心 抱きしめて 深い海へと沈むわディア・マイ・ラスト・ロマンスディア・マイ・ラスト・ロマンス Also Read:  Migos – Walk It Talk It Lyrics ft Drake [embedded content] 東京女子流 – ラストロマンス ROMAJI namiutsu oto ni me o […]

SOB X RBE – Carpoolin’

[Intro] Yo…what are you doing here? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? [Verse 1: DaBoii] Bitch! Get off on who you mad at Niggas laughing, we is down, now they laughed at Bitch swallow all my kids, I’m a bad dad Looking for revenge with this Glock, once we tap tap Stich brain on the opps […]

Boss – Lil Pump lyrics

Lyrics Lil Pump – Boss Yeah, I came in with the sauce, ooh Yeah, I came in with the sauce, yeah b*tch, I flex Rick Ross, yeah b*tch, I flex Rick Ross, yeahhh Yeah, I came in with the sauce, ooh Yeah, I came in with the sauce, ooh b*tch, I flex Rick Ross, yeah b*tch, I flex Rick Ross, […]

Amine – Redmercedes

[Pre-Chorus] With my niggas in my red Mercedes Attitude like fuck you, pay me Rolling deeper than Adele when we go out If the ladies show up, then we show out With my girl in my red Mercedes Attitude like fuck me, baby Leather seats so she wetter than a pool now When that thing go up then she go […]

Eno – Xalaz (Xalaz Album)

[Hook] Zu viele Sippis hier machen ein’ auf Baba 183 holt Kafas runter mit der Kalash, xalaz Kalash, Kalash, Kalash, Kalash Kalash, Kalash, Kalash, Kalash [Part 1] Onkel verteilt miese Nacken, Xalaz Bei Faxen fliegen Flaschen, Xalaz Ihr seid Diebe von Handtaschen, Xalaz Öffnen Shisha Bars zum Geld waschen, Xalaz Rede nicht viel, lade und schieß, Xalaz Lebe mit Stil, […]

OnCue – Boy On the Come Up

[Intro] Simply barbaric, barbaric Barbaric! Let that word resound, from hill to hill, from valley to valley, across the broad land Hear me! [Verse 1] Yeah I’m big headed but you small minded I try and get it, hey, whole team grinding Fuck what they say, yeah I put my time in Aw, I need a Louis lining, Michelin star […]