Gunna – Richard Millie Plain Lyrics

[Intro] Playmakers Run that back, Turbo [Pre-Chorus] Did the dash and I blowed the brains (Dash and I blowed the brain) Countin’ cash on a private plane (Countin’ cash on a private plane, uh) Couple M’s on the sound exchange (Couple M’s on the sound exchange) Richard Millie, no time to explain (Richard Millie, no time to explain) [Chorus] Ah, […]

Lil Baby – Time Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Baby] Youngin from the project fucked around and got it poppin I’m like fuck a Maserati, bought my bitch a Bentley truck G-5 my blood brother he be throwing B’s up And me, I got Chanel swag, you know I be C’d up I paid cash for every car, used be the laughing stock Kept it real, […]