Yung Bans – No Lip Lyrics

[Intro: Yung Bans] In this lil’ boy In this lil’ boy In this lil’ boy, [?] Imma do these drugs, [?] [?] [Chorus: Yung Bans] Hey, check out this drip, bitch Don’t give me no lip, bitch I don’t wanna kiss, make her suck on this dick tip Heard you got my name in your mouth, talkin’ like a bitch […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Introvert Lyrics

[Intro] Uhh, uh Walkin’ around with a bank Walkin’ around with a bank Walkin’ around with a bank [Chorus] Didn’t trust broad from the beginning Don’t fuck with none of these women I done fucked all of these women If the pussy ain’t wet, then I’m just leavin’ Diamonds so wet, Louboutins they be slippin’ Rockstar like Balmain jeans, they […]

Tee Grizzley – Colors

[Intro] Raf Simmons cost me five slips Dat Goyard bag another fire strip You in Detroit and see a Wraith, nigga that’s my shit Would of pushed Rico’s shit back, I am not Mitch Helluva made this beat, baby Gettin’ money, why these niggas gettin’ mad? Jump off the plane with a couple of M’s in the bag If anybody […]

Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow

[Intro: Future & Young Thug] One penthouse, two Benz This for shorty and her girlfriend, yeah I feel like I’m Hercules, oh You gone get paid if you work for me, oh [Verse 1: Young Thug] About to feed my dogs, need pedigree, oh Ain’t letting no money get away from me, ohh TSA ain’t ready for me These bitches […]