Ace Hood – In My Bag Lyrics

[Intro] Ay dios mios! Body Bag (Bag) Oh yeah, nigga (Uh) I wanna take off Uh [Verse: Ace Hood] Raise up my levels, I’m doing it I bought some Balenci’s and ruined them That shit on the dash, I’m doing it The vision aligned, I’m doing it My Queen on her shit and she doing it Want it, she on […]

Yung Bans – In My Underwear Lyrics

[Intro: Baka] Murda on the beat so it’s not nice [Chorus] Yeah, slidin’ down yo block, big Glock in my underwear Police pull me over right now, I’m gon’ get the chair This a dirty game, if you gon’ play, you gotta stay aware Niggas doin’ all that talkin’, ain’t no action, how I know you scared Takin’ trips, private […]

5 Seconds of Summer – Killer Queen Lyrics

[Intro] She’s a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatine Dynamite with a laser beam [Verse 1] She keeps Moët et Chandon In her pretty cabinet ‘Let them eat cake,’ she says Just like Marie Antoinette A built-in remedy For Khrushchev and Kennedy At anytime an invitation You can’t decline Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily nice [Chorus] She’s a Killer […]

Aminé – DR. WHOEVER Lyrics

[Intro: Rickey Thompson] Sad on your muthafuckin b-day? Bitch, what the fuck?! Don’t you realize you poppin’? Every time you walk in the room you break necks. Necks?! But you tellin’ me you sad on your muthafuckin’ b-day Yeah Yeah [Verse 1: Aminé] Yeah I sit here and tell you my problems That’s how this work, right? I’m s’posed to […]

Future – No Shame lyrics

[Intro: Future] Ain’t no shame in my game I found a new high, yeah [Chorus: PARTYNEXTDOOR & Future] There’s no shame in my game There’s no shame in my pain I found new propane I found new cocaine (I found) There’s no shame in my game (ain’t no) There’s no shame in my pain I found new propane (I found) […]

Young Thug – Up Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Southside on the track, yeah Yeah Back to back Ooh, ooh Yee! [Chorus: Young Thug] I take molly and go up (up) We take coke (and what?) we go up (go up) We got hoes (bitches) it’s ’bout to go up (ooh) You playin’ with smoke (brrt), it can go up (it can go up) It can […]

Calum Scott – Not Dark Yet

[Verse 1] Shadows are falling, and I’ve been here all day It’s too hot to sleep, and time is running away Feel like my soul has, turned into steel I’ve still got the scars, that the sun didn’t heal There’s not even room enough, to be anywhere [Refrain] It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there [Verse 2] Well, my […]

G Herbo – Who Run It Lyrics

[Intro] Gang shit, nigga Yeah Fuck you talkin’ ’bout, man? This shit’s got the most views out of everything I’ve ever put up on my shit That little clip, that shit got a million views I ain’t never got no views on some shit out [Verse 1] Who you think you ahead of? Not us In the S or the […]

Maître Gims – Corazon (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro : Maître Gims] Corazón [Refrain : Maître Gims] Corazón, forever on my knees and what I get I need Mi corazón, for everything I fight, for every little lie Mi corazón, forever in your place, forever part of me Mi corazón, corazón, corazón [Couplet 1 : Maître Gims] Ok, now, I don’t mind if the shadow’s heavy ‘Cause I […]

Matoma – Lonely lyrics

[Verse 1] You got me high on second fumes Cold city nights and smoking rooms I know your story off by heart You fabricated every part You talk too much then say nothing I’m just the face that buys the drinks Paris, L.A. and all that sh*t You got it how you wanted it [Pre-Chorus] But mmm, then you say, […]

AKA – Star-Sign Lyrics

[Hook: AKA] I’ve been winning for a long time I think it’s written in my starsign Sauce, so fire Wish you can see it with your own eyes Kick out the shoes, hop in the swimming pool (Splash) Who got the juice, who got the Liquifruit? (Cash) Who got the sauce, who got the minerals? (Mhen) We at the top, […]