Wiz Khalifa – Taste Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Verse] Fuck them corny niggas, best believe we get it poppin’ I just gotta talk, I’m clumsy so I’ll probably drop it Go figure, gettin’ money so they try to stop it I pull out a knot that’s thicker than your father’s wallet Always had to work, all my nigga from the projects Ballin’, no alert, nope, we don’t do no […]

Gunplay – Cocaine Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Uh Cocaine got me out jail, cocaine paid my bail Cocaine don’t be buying bitches shit, no purse, no weave, no nails Cocaine put me on my feet but got my momma losing sleep Cocaine put me on my feet but got my momma losing sleep Play that fork like a sport, all my Pyrexes […]

Moneybagg Yo – No Filter Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Tay Keith, this too hard, Tay Keith, this too hard Hey [Chorus] We got loads like a Mexican (A1) Good dope, I recommend (Yup) In the mix so you know I blend (Turn up) FaceTime Gates, bitch, we in Henny get her open, then that pussy, she poppin’ it We be at it like a porno, […]

G-EAZY – Legend lyrics

[Intro] Yeah I’m back drinking whiskey OZ on the beat, yeah [Hook] (I-I) Needed a reason to go off I think I found one (I think I found one!) Don’t know what legend is until you been around one (Been around one!) We poppin’ champagne on a jet, think I been wildin’ (you’re wild!) Bottle after bottle, I just drank […]

Trap Beckham – Backwoods

[Chorus] Walk in with that sack on me Big backwood no black on me Breakin down OG I smokin out of OZ Backwood backwood backwood backwood Backwood backwood backwood backwood Breakin down OG I smokin out of OZ [Verse 1] Big backwood no black on me No Kodak but I be smoking broccoli I get Too turned up you can […]

OneRepublic – Kids lyrics

[Verse 1] Days when We’d fight, we’d fight ’til I would give in Yeah, perfect disasters We were reaching, reaching for the rafters [Pre-Chorus] And on most of the days we were searching for ways To get up and get out of the town that we were raised, yeah, Cause we were done I remember, we were sleeping in cars […]