Juice WRLD – That’s a 50 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Juice WRLD] Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh (Oh, oh) Oh, ho (Oh) Yeah [Chorus: Juice WRLD] Bank account on 50 (Uh) My clip hold like 50 (Uh) That’s a fuckin’ titty (Uh), that’s a fuckin’ titty (Uh) Bank account on 50 (Uh) My clip hold like 50 (Uh) That’s a fuckin’ titty (Yeah, yeah), that’s a fuckin’ titty (Yeah, yeah) Groupies showin’ […]

The Warning – Survive lyrics

Don’t come to me saying that you cared That I was the one who was never there Don’t come with your lies in the air You keep blaming me and it ain’t fair Don’t come telling me that you worried That I’ll be hurting if you’re gone Don’t come to me saying that you’re sorry Your words mean nothing Your […]

Laurel – Hurricane letras

Just off the coast the waves are crashin’ Sirens call us to the rocks Everywhere the lights are flashin’ Maybe we have fallen Maybe we should call the whole thing off This is dangerous But we need to feel the rush I keep sayin’ I can’t keep playin’ this game, this game But I keep finding myself inside of the […]