Eminem – Defense Lyrics

Nah, we ain’t done I love bein’ hated, it great It let’s me know that I made it I wouldn’t have it no other way I wouldn’t trade it for the world Only let’s me know that I’m loved By so many other motherfuckers that ain’t you And is bomb, as you keep fuckin’ with us, we keep fuckin’ you […]

Lil Wayne – Bloody Mary Lyrics

[Intro] I’mma be alright because Dizzy alright [Verse 1: Juelz Santana] Uh, ok, time to make my mark I gave ’em a head start Now I’m on my Nicki shit, I don’t want no fraud Tryna’ raise the bar, grabbin’ like I passed the bar You would think I’m ridin’ bikes by the way I handle bars New nigga in […]