​The Lumineers – Donna Lyrics

Play this song It’s not the words you say but how you say it I saved the picture where your hair was braided They found your wallet in the cemetery You told your daughter she was ordinary You hate the name Junior Your husband loved his computers Your mother never was one The eldest of seven children If you don’t […]

Lil B – BasedGod Ish Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy man you already know it’s your boy Lil B We turnt up out here man We got everything worldwide Shout out to the East Coast, we in it [Verse] Fuck my bitch cause you based nigga In the hood with my hipster niggas and my skater niggas Wear pink, you ain’t based nigga I rep that based nigga […]

Kanye West – Ass Shots Lyrics

[Intro: Kanye West] I don’t know why niggas tripping on a nigga For clippers, I hate you niggas too But I’m black and Mexican, we gon’ change that, haha I hate you niggas too! [Hook: Kanye West] If you ain’t had good pussy, nigga, try some Your girl ain’t got no ass, she need to buy one Out west, Southwest, […]