2 Chainz – NCAA Lyrics

[Intro] Honorable C.N.O.T.E [Verse 1] Who me? I take this open beat (Yeah) I smoke myself to sleep (Alright) Got myself for free, yeah, ayy Made a lift right off the street, yeah, yeah This shit here gettin’ deep, yeah, yeah I got the pool right by the beach, yeah, yeah My nigga said, “Fool, that’s the ocean,” yeah I […]

NBA Youngboy & Kodak Black – Chosen One

[Intro: Kodak Black & YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Project Baby NFL, never forget loyalty And I’m never going broke again Woah, yeah Oh [Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Through all this heartbreak and this pain I can’t change Through the betrayal and the rain I stayed the same I promise you that I’ma leave how I came Gotta stop playin’, […]

J Cole – Immortal lyrics

[Intro] Awwwww…haha [Verse 1] Now I was barely seventeen with a pocket full of hope Screamin’, dollar and a dream with my closet lookin’ broke And my nigga’s lookin’ clean, gettin’ caught up with that dope Have you ever served a fiend with a pocket full of soap? Nigga I can tell you things that you probably shouldn’t know Have […]

Wyclef Jean – Hendrix letras

[Pre-Hook] I’ma do this one for my homies gone The judge hit the hammer they ain’t coming home We all are from the danger zone The devil pulled the card and he said choose one I chose music, my homies chose yay Some of my ballers chose the NBA Cuzzo’s on the block, man they gang bang Funeral parlors makin’ […]