T.I. – Jefe Lyrics

[Intro] Oyy papi, [??] No more apologizing for being excellent From now on man, fuck it, I’m just gon’ be dope And no apologize for it I’m sorry I’m dope, nigga Rap your mind around it and embrace it, this is a fact of life God, I’m so good [Verse 1: Meek Mill] Yeah, fuck up that money, then make […]

Meek Mill – Offended

[Intro] M-m-m-murda Meek Milly, Jeffery, woah [Hook: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah Fuck is you talking bout? Bitch you offended me I just might go head and let this lil bitch suck my dick till it tickle me I just might go head and mix me a Sprite with some lean like it’s chemistry God damn, I have a whole xan […]