Montana of 300 – Souvenir Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] We ask for God’s forgiveness but don’t ask for God’s permission I’m your brother, not your opposition, please don’t block the vision Yeah, yeah The disappointment of seeing one of your soldiers fold He chose that path, he burned that bridge, he’s on his own The land of leeches make you wonder if the love’s […]

Ace Hood – 80’s Baby Lyrics

[Hook] Ever since I came into the game I been goin harder in the paint Ever since they heard about the name They know who gon put out with the flame Ever since I’m in my own lane All you niggas start to sound the same Ever since I started with the reaI I can never understand a lame What […]

Wale – Smile Lyrics

[Hook: Wale] I got my family And I got my squad And as long as they got me Then I’ll be just fine So I give God the glory Cause I have my child And America don’t want me That’s when I realized That we on it, yeah A reason to smile I said we on it, yeah A reason […]