Future – F&N Lyrics

[Part I] [Intro] 808 Mafia Fuck around, parked the ‘Vette and didn’t even get back in it ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob [Verse] Redbone bitch, yeah, like Hi-Tech, yeah How do I dress? Yeah, like my flesh, yeah Soon as I roll up, put my doors up Go’n head, pour up, roll a few O’s up, let’s go Four by four, […]

Black Eyed Peas – Street Livin’

[Verse 1: will.i.am] Street livin’, caught in a trap Guns or books, sell crack or rap Be like kings or be like pawns They called us coons, now they call us cons Street niggas be packing pistols Terrorists be blasting missles Crips and bloods and retail thugs CIA planes bring Columbian drugs Don’t push me cause I’m close to hell […]