Young Thug – Big Tipper Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] Southside on the track, yeah 808 Mafia Hey [Refrain: Young Thug] I can tiptoe in her pussy like a Loub, Chanel (Ayy) Harriet Tubman twenties, weigh ’em up on the scale (Ayy) Hair down to her ass, caught her like Odell (Hey) All my hoes get Rollie Pollies, mines up on the shelf (Let’s […]


[Intro: Johnny Venus] From the heart, from the heart this time All of these dreams that you don’t need true All of these things you don’t give too Call on me, I’ll carry you There ain’t no thing I wouldn’t do Lions, tigers, bears and all of these [?] They could never come between me and you [Hook: Young Thug] […]