Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan confirms Daisy and Ryan romance as ‘sparks’ fly

26 Apr 2023, 16:06 Tags: Charlotte Jordan, Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley, Ryan Connor, Ryan Prescott In Coronation Street, Daisy is currently pretending to be Crystal, sending messages to Ryan on his phone. This comes after Crystal told Daisy that she wanted nothing more to do with Ryan, with Daisy trying to protect him from learning the truth. Now, Coronation Street […]

Lucy Fallon publicly declares she’s ‘not happy’ with current Coronation Street plot

24 Apr 2023, 15:31 | Updated: 24 Apr 2023, 15:32 Tags: Bethany Platt, Coronation Street, Craig Tinker, Lucy Fallon Lucy Fallon has publicly slammed a current Coronation Street storyline on social media, lashing out in the comments section beneath an Instagram post from a former co-star. “Not happy,” wrote Lucy, who played Bethany Platt on the soap. But which story […]

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Broken Amy reveals the truth about Aaron

24 Apr 2023, 12:59 Tags: Aadi Alahan, Amy Barlow, Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Craig Tinker, Paul Foreman In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (April 24), Amy Barlow exposes rapist Aaron to Summer and Aadi. How will they react when she tells them that Aaron raped her? Elsewhere, Paul finds himself in trouble with the police when Damon’s latest orders land. Then, […]

Emmerdale and Coronation Street star opens up about cocaine addiction that led to FOUR rehab stints

22 Apr 2023, 16:51 Tags: Coronation Street, Emmerdale, ITV soaps, Louise Marwood Emmerdale actress Louise Marwood has opened up about battling a secret cocaine addiction that almost killed her. The former soap star, 44, admitted her struggle with drugs has “completely decimated my life”. Louise, who also appeared in Coronation Street last year, attended rehab four times to beat her […]

Coronation Street star Colson Smith reveals chronic health battle that hit just before appearing live on This Morning

21 Apr 2023, 17:17 Tags: Colson Smith, Coronation Street, Craig Tinker Coronation Street star Colson Smith has revealed his battle with a chronic health condition – which left him struggling only moments before he was set to appear on This Morning. Colson, aged 24, plays Craig Tinker on the soap opera. He and co-star Jack P. Shepherd were about to […]

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Proposal shock as one resident plots to leave?

21 Apr 2023, 11:50 | Updated: 21 Apr 2023, 11:52 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Craig Tinker, Faye Windass Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight reveal that there’s a shock proposal as one Weatherfield resident plots their exit from the street. What will Faye Windass do as she’s torn between Craig, Jackson and Miley? Elsewhere, Ryan struggles after facing the […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul diagnosed with MND as he’s arrested by the police

19 Apr 2023, 16:54 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Paul Foreman Latest Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Paul Foreman is to be arrested by the police after attempting to dispose of Rufus’s stolen car. At the same time, the specialist confirms his motor neurone disease diagnosis. How will Paul cope? Last week’s episodes saw Paul steal Rufus’s car […]

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Ryan goes missing after being given devastating recovery news

19 Apr 2023, 11:04 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Ryan Connor In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Wednesday April 19, 2023), Ryan goes missing after being given some devastating recovery news. After looking at his burns for the first time, Ryan discharges himself from hospital and goes missing, leaving Daisy and Carla to worry where he is. Where does Ryan […]

Coronation Street: First look at Ryan Connor’s scars

19 Apr 2023, 07:15 Tags: Coronation Street, Ryan Connor, Ryan Prescott Coronation Street has released a first look at Ryan Connor’s scars, as the aftermath of Justin’s acid attack is finally revealed. Ryan is currently recovering in hospital after being doused by Daisy Midgeley’s stalker. Recent Corrie scenes have seen Ryan struggling with his injuries – with doctors unwilling to […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen blackmailed over Rufus murder

18 Apr 2023, 17:52 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Stephen Reid Latest Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Stephen Reid is to be blackmailed over his part in Rufus’s murder. Does somebody know what Stephen did? Last week’s episodes saw Rufus found dead in his swimming pool after a disagreement with Stephen. But with Michael theorising that Rufus had […]

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Daniel drops devastating bombshell on Daisy

17 Apr 2023, 08:14 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Daisy Midgeley Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight reveal that Daisy and Ryan are left in a state of shock as Justin’s trial begins. With Justin pleading not guilty, shockwaves resound. How will they react to Justin’s lies? Elsewhere, Roy and Evelyn fall out when he makes excuses at their salsa […]

Coronation Street Spoilers tonight: Mysterious death shocks Weatherfield

14 Apr 2023, 11:53 Tags: Coronation Street, Coronation Street Spoilers, Stephen Reid Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight revealed, as a mystery death rocks Weatherfield, Stephen appears to have struck again. But who is Stephen’s latest victim? Elsewhere, Damon makes big plans at the Bistro. And Roy has a big announcement in store for Shona and Evelyn. Meanwhile, Glenda proves Eileen […]

Coronation Street fans predict Paul to be framed for murder as Stephen kills again

13 Apr 2023, 17:46 Tags: Coronation Street, Paul Foreman, Stephen Reid Fans of Coronation Street have predicted that unlucky Paul Foreman will be framed for murder as serial killer Stephen Reid appeared to strike again. Will Paul be left holding the bag for Stephen’s latest crime? Last night’s episode of the soap (Wednesday 12th April) saw Stephen grow frustrated after […]