Chief Keef – Minute

[Hook] I like, I like, I like, I like hunnits On my, mother, fuckin’ mind is money (Ghost) Riding Rolls Royce lookin’ like some money Been riding with that uhhh, and a hundred O Know these niggas wanna be petty Makeup, these bitches wanna be pretty Rider, make her put the heater in her panties Got gas pussy, I’ll beat […]

Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny

Verbal couture Parkour With the metaphors The flow house of horror Dead bolted with metal doors Grinch bitch Six sense With a nose drip Mind skydive Sniffing bumps In the cockpit Locksmith of Hip Hop Appraisal the wrist watch The rocks bout the size As the teeth in Chris Rock’s mouth Sock out the mic Prototype for Adderall Your work […]