U2 – American Soul (New York)

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar] Blessed are the bullies For one day they will have to stand up to themselves Blessed are the liars For the truth can be awkward [Verse 1: Bono] It’s not a place This country is to me a sound Of drum and bass You close your eyes to look around [Bridge 1: Bono] Look around, look around […]

Beach Boys – Surf’s Up lyrics

A diamond necklace played the pawn Hand in hand some drummed along, oh To a handsome man and baton (Bygone, bygone) A blind class aristocracy Back through the opera glass you see The pit and the pendulum drawn (Bygone, bygone) Columnated ruins domino Canvass the town and brush the backdrop Are you sleeping? Hung velvet overtaken me Dim chandelier awaken […]