Black history Tube map: TfL recreates iconic map in honour of Black History Month

12 Oct 2021, 17:39 Tags: Black history month, London, London Underground TfL (Transport for London) has recreated an alternate Tube map in honour of Black History Month. The iconic map, which usually lists all the London Underground stations, has replaced famous names with those who have shaped black history in the capital and across the UK. We’ve teamed up with […]

Young Thug – MLK Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah, ayy, woah Oh no, hold on, yeah [Chorus: Young Thug] I was havin’ a dream I was whippin’ a Rolls Royce And I bought everything that I want Turned to Martin Luther King overnight Martin Luther King overnight, ayy I was dead broke, hustlin’ off the steps Now I rock water like I’m Michael Phelps, […]