Meghan Markle can ‘sniff out a camera lens from three miles’, GB News host Eamonn Holmes fumes

26 Apr 2023, 15:50

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Meghan Markle can “sniff out a camera lens from three miles”, fumed Eamonn Holmes on GB News today.

Presenters Eamonn and Isabel Webster were joined this morning (April 26) by David Mellor and media trainer Scarlette MccGwire to discuss the latest Prince Harry drama.

The Duke of Sussex is currently giving evidence as part of an investigation into the phone hacking scandal. David Mellor discussed Harry’s recent claims that his brother Prince William secretly accepted a £1 million settlement from Rupert Murdoch.

In response to this, Eamonn went straight in on Harry, branding him “nut-head” and then “empty-head” for speaking out about his brother’s reported payout. The jab was met with shouts of disagreement from Eamonn’s fellow presenters.

Eamonn called Harry and Meghan “the gruesome twosome” (Credit: GB News)

Meghan news: Royal blasted by Eamonn Holmes

“We forget that Harry is speaking in a court case,” Scarlette reminded him. “It’s absolutely right that it’s part of his defence.”

“Which I’m sure William will thank him for,” muttered Eamonn sarcastically under his breath.

Now nut-heatd, empty-head has revealed it all.

“You can just imagine the reaction of William the Prince of Wales at the coronation next week, can’t you?” Isabel said as she initially appeared to take Eamonn’s side. “They were already going to be seated as far apart from each other as possible. All the cameras will be trying, straining to get that.”

The GB News panel then went on to discuss the upcoming coronation. Prince Harry recently confirmed that he will indeed be attending the occasion on May 6, while Meghan will remain in the USA.

Many have speculated over the affect Harry’s recent actions will have on how he is received. Through his actions, David Mellor claimed: “Harry is destroying his ability to be accepted back into the family.”

Eamonn’s roasting continues

But Eamonn was not yet done with his roasting of the Sussexes. He then produced a copy of the Telegraph, where Harry and Meghan featured on the front page. “Now here is the gruesome twosome,” he announced to the studio.

The photo showed Harry and Meghan at a LA Lakers basketball game earlier this week. The couple watched from a VIP box with members of Archewell staff. During the NBA match, the “kiss cam” panned to the couple in the crowd.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in LA!#NBACelebRow

— NBA (@NBA) April 25, 2023

“She can sniff a camera lens out at three miles,” said Eamonn, indicating Meghan on the page. “She looks great,” Isabel argued, trying to be more diplomatic: “I’m no Meghan fan, but she looks hot.”

However, Eamonn was adament: “She sniffs a lens.”

ED! has contacted Meghan Markle’s reps for comment on this story.

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