Matalan shoppers up in arms over ‘surprise’ new charge in all of its UK stores

26 Apr 2023, 13:44

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Matalan shoppers are up in arms over a ‘surprise’ new charge that has been introduced in all of its UK stores.

It seems all Matalan stores will now be charging customers 10p for every clothes hanger they wish to take home. Many customers were shocked by the new charge at the popular store, and even took to social media to complain.

However, the store has responded to the complaints, explaining the reasons behind the decision.

Matalan now charges 10p per hanger (Credit: Pexels)

Complaints as UK Matalan stores charge for hangers

One shopper said: “Matalan now charges 10p per hanger. Isn’t it nice when corporations charge customers for inconveniences.” Someone else tweeted: “Matalan, when did you start charging people for the hangers??”

Another person moaned: “Nowhere in store or outside the store does it inform customers that they now charge for hangers. When did this become a thing?” Another customer claimed the hanger charge was inconvenient for baby clothing. They pointed out: “The baby clothes have accessories attached to the hangers so these need to be changed.”

@Matalan why do you charge for hangers?

— Chris Whyte (@chriswhyte19) April 12, 2023

Matalan respond to complaints

While it may have taken some customers by surprise, the new charge has been introduced for environmental reasons. Matalan said it wants to encourage customers to reuse their plastic hangers and in turn reduce waste.

We believe that charging for hangers is a positive step in this direction.

In response to one unhappy shopper, the official @Matalan Twitter explained: “As a company, we are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment, and we believe that charging for hangers is a positive step in this direction.

“It is important for the environment that all plastic wherever possible is recycled. Matalan is charging for the hangers to encourage customers to leave them in the store so that they can be recycled and used again.”

They then urged customers: “We hope that you will continue to support us in our efforts to promote sustainability.”

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