How Prince Harry’s ‘fleeting visit’ for coronation could ‘backfire’ on ‘controversial’ royal

26 Apr 2023, 12:52

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Prince Harry making a “fleeting visit” for the coronation could “backfire” on the “controversial” royal, a PR expert claims.

The experts claims come following reports that Harry will be leaving the UK straight after the coronation.

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Prince Harry making a “fleeting visit” for coronation could “backfire”

It has recently been reported that Prince Harry’s trip back to the UK for the coronation could be more fleeting than first imagined.

According to some reports, the Duke of Sussex will be jetting back to the US as soon as the historic event is done. This means he will miss the coronation concert.

PR expert and CEO of UnlockdPR, Jordan James, believes this plan could “backfire” on Prince Harry.

“[If] Prince Harry truly is just making a flying visit for the coronation, I think it could quickly backfire on the controversial royal,” he exclusively told ED!

“While it might be understandable that the Prince might want to have a low profile in light of the recent drama between himself and his family, if rumours are true that King Charles explicitly wanted Harry at his coronation, it feels in bad taste for him to ‘cut and run’.”

A PR expert has shared his thoughts on Harry’s coronation plans (Credit: Netflix)

PR expert slams Prince Harry coronation plans

Jordan then continued, saying: “The Prince won’t be in the spotlight during the event, allegedly sitting as far back as 10 rows from the front as he is no longer a working royal, meaning he won’t be under as much media scrutiny regarding his place in the event.

It feels in bad taste for him to ‘cut and run’.

“While the presence of the cameras and media won’t be unavoidable for the Prince, his position as a guest as opposed to an active part of the celebrations will still afford him some discretion, and unless he plans to grab attention in some other manner I can’t see why he would decide to keep his visit so fleeting.”

Jordan then went on to say that Harry should use the coronation as a “bridge” to repair relations with the royals.

Harry has been phoning his father, a royal expert claims (Credit:

Harry making ‘homesick’ calls to King Charles

In other Harry-related news, the Duke of Sussex has reportedly been phoning his father asking for reassurances about his security arrangements during his trip back to the UK.

The Daily Mirror‘s Royal Editor made the claims during a recent appearance on Sky News Australia.

“He’s homesick, he does miss his family,” Russell Myers said.

Myers then went on to say that he finds it difficult to believe that the Duke of Sussex will be looking to catch up with relatives, especially after the release of Spare and months of scathing interviews.

“It’s very hard to see how that marries up with his attitude,” he said.

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