Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 1-5

25 Apr 2023, 07:00
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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Mary is left for dead after being conned by Faye. Will she be okay?

Meanwhile, Cathy makes a decision about her future in the village. Elsewhere, Paddy and Chas share a moment.

Chloe also gets heartbreaking news about baby Reuben. Will Mackenzie be able to stay away from his son?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Mary dead after being conned?

Mary throws herself full-throttle into her trip to Ecuador, despite Rhona’s reservations. Rhona eventually offers her blessing.

At the charity auction, however, it’s Suzy who becomes suspicious when Faye is cagey about a bank transfer.

Mary is furious when Suzy shares her worries over who Faye really is. To prove everything is above board, Mary sends a large donation to Faye.

However, Suzy soon offers more evidence. Will Mary believe Faye isn’t who she seems?

Mary shuts Suzy down, desperate to keep her dreams alive. But she sets out to test Faye, who starts acting shifty about money.

Mary realises Suzy was right. Faye knows she’s been caught and reveals her true nature.

The women then scuffle over an envelope of money. Faye makes her getaway and Mary is left bleeding and unconscious on the floor – will she be okay?

2. Cathy leaves

Cathy assures Bob he’s the best dad pssoble for letting her go. Preparing to leave, she shares a tearful goodbye with everyone before Bob drives her away.

3. Chloe and Mack grow closer

Mack struggles when he sees Chloe trying to carry Reuben and some shopping. He helps and Sarah catches them, giving them an earful.

Chloe promises it won’t happen again, but Mack later asks after his son. Chloe invites him to join her and Reuben for a walk.

Mackenzie is enjoying being in their company. However, Chloe drops a bombshell when she reveals they are moving back to Scotland.

Mack is stunned. He’s then heartbroken as he says goodbye to his son.

4. Reuben rushed to hospital

Chloe panics when Reuben is taken ill. With the baby running a high temperature, Dr Liam insists she take him straight to hospital.

Her world falls apart when Reuben is diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is left reeling – can he really keep away from his son this time?

5. Nicky clashes with Caleb

Nicky is shocked when he discovers Caleb’s latest move and also doesn’t believe it will work. Can Caleb convince him otherwise? Or is their partnership on shaky ground?

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6. Chas and Paddy share a moment

News of Reuben’s condition filters through the village. Paddy and Chas are both rocked by the turn of events having lost their own child and they share a moment.

Paddy visits Grace’s tree to remember her and reflect. Once there, he struggles with his grief.

7. Tom reunites with the Kings

Belle is excited to be meeting Tom again, but Nicola starts asking questions about who she’s seeing. Uncomfortable Belle therefore urges Tom to reach out to his family.

As Tom struggles with his unresolved grief for his father, he has an awkward reunion with Jimmy and Nicola.

Jimmy is prickly as he’s hurt over Tom avoiding him. Meanwhile, Belle is worried about Tom’s behaviour too. Can they work this out?

8. Marshall and Arthur make plans

Marshall and Arthur agree to go out on their first date. But is it set to be love or heartbreak for the young teens?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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