Emmerdale fan theory: Is Kerry Nicky’s mum?

26 Apr 2023, 13:07

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At the moment, the identity of Nicky Miligan’s mum is quite the mystery. His mum has been referenced but never introduced on screen to Emmerdale viewers.

All viewers know is that Caleb and Nicky’s mum have separated – and Nicky has made it clear that he’s not happy about it.

However, a new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that Nicky’s mum could be a well known villager: Kerry Wyatt.

Nicky and Caleb are father and son – but who is Nicky’s mum? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: The identity of Nicky’s mum is a mystery

The first time Nicky mentioned his mum, he told Gabby that she had sadly passed away. However, Nicky later spoke of his mum in the present tense when speaking to his dad, Caleb.

He wasn’t happy that Caleb was seeing Leyla and threatened to tell his mum. Caleb reminded Nicky that he and his mum were separated and were both free to do as they liked.

Currently, Caleb and Nicky are planning on taking Home Farm from Kim. Nicky said that the money and house would help keep a roof over his mum’s head.

However, the identity of Nicky’s mum has been kept a secret. She’s never actually been introduced to viewers on screen.

Does Kerry have another secret child? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Is Kerry Wyatt Nicky’s mum?

Before she left the Dales, Kerry revealed that Chloe Harris was her daughter. However, now a new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that she could have another secret child.

Fans think that Kerry is Nicky’s birth mum, with one fan even suggesting that Amy and Nicky could be twins. They’ve picked up on the fact that they’ve both got a Geordie accent and have rushed to share their theories.

One viewer wrote: “I stand by his mum being Kerry making Nicky being Amy’s twin and Nicky’s ‘mum’ is his stepmum.”

The fan suggested that Caleb’s wife is Nicky’s stepmum, with Kerry being his birth mum.

Another viewer added to the theory, suggesting: “I bet Nicky is in some way related to Kerry, just because he had the northeast twang, she will come back from the ship in a few months and she will do the [shocked] face when she sees him.”

“Plot twist: Geordie Kerry is Nicky’s mum?” queried a third. 

Who exactly is Nicky’s mum? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Who is Nicky’s mum?

Nicky seems to want what’s best for his mum, with his plan being for her to have a roof over her head when he and Caleb take Home Farm from Kim. Obviously we know Caleb and his wife have only recently separated, so that rules Kerry out of being the ‘mum’ Nicky keeps referring to.

Nicky has a Newcastle accent and Caleb has a Manchester one, so arguably his mum also has to have a Geordie twang. Could Nicky’s mum be Kerry? Could Kerry have yet another secret child?

And if not, just who is Nicky’s mum and why haven’t we seen her yet?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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