EastEnders spoilers: Keanu left for dead after shock attack

26 Apr 2023, 12:59

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In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Keanu is left for dead after a shock attack. This comes after Keanu’s arrested on Albie’s christening day.

With Keanu causing potential trouble for Ravi, Ravi makes a mysterious phone call before Keanu gets attacked.

But, will Keanu die following his attack and will his attack have anything to do with Ravi in EastEnders spoilers?

It’s all smiles before Keanu gets arrested (Credit: BBC)

Keanu arrested on Albie’s christening day

On the day of Albie’s christening, Ravi tells Keanu that a big sum of money is up for grabs for the delivery job. Keanu’s torn.

However, after seeing the fancy present that Martin and Zack have bought Albie, Keanu makes a decision and tells Sharon that he’ll meet them at the church.

Meeting up with Ravi, Keanu learns that he’ll be transporting drugs in white goods. Delays mean that he’s late for the christening, having to rush in at the last moment.

Whilst the christening is in full swing the van alarm goes off making Keanu and Sharon go outside to check what the commotion is about. However, Sharon’s livid when she sees the police there ready to arrest Keanu for the intent to supply drugs.

As Keanu goes to the police station, Karen begs Sharon to do something, telling her that Keanu would never have anything to do with drugs.

Sharon rings her solicitor and defends Keanu in The Vic. Overhearing Karen and Sharon’s conversation, Ravi realises that Keanu’s got himself in trouble.

In the police station, Keanu’s told that he can remain a free man if he grasses on his bosses. However, as Ravi questions Keanu, Keanu ensures him that he didn’t snitch.

Keanu’s life is at risk (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Keanu left for dead after attack

Making a phone call, Ravi catches up with Keanu and gets revenge. Later on, Phil sees Keanu in a bad way after he’s left for dead following a shock attack. With this, he calls for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Sharon suggests to Phil that Ravi had something to do with the attack but Phil isn’t sure she’s right.

Karen blames Sharon for making Keanu turn to crime but Bernie becomes the voice of reason and explains that Keanu has got himself into this mess.

As Sharon threatens to report Ravi to the police, Nish realises that Ravi is the person behind Keanu’s attack.

Nish gives Ravi a talking to, warning him that he could go back inside for his actions. As the police turn up at Walford East, is Ravi in serious trouble?

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