David Walliams to make shock BGT comeback amid huge public support?

26 Apr 2023, 14:54
26 Apr 2023, 14:56

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David Walliams has been tipped to make a shock BGT comeback if Amanda Holden moves to the States.

Long-running Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda is reportedly eyeing a move to America as her daughter, Lexi, is considering moving there for university. Amanda also reportedly visited the set of America’s Got Talent during a recent visit to the States.

PR Expert Jack Cooper, from EdHopkinsPR, exclusively told Entertainment Daily that if Amanda does leave for the US, David could be brought back to replace her.

Comedian David Walliams has been tipped to return to BGT (Credit: ITV)

David Walliams to replace Amanda Holden on BGT?

David Walliams left Britain’s Got Talent after leaked voice tapes were released last year. In the tapes, comedian David made fun of BGT contestants back in 2020. David later apologised for the “disrespectful comments” and was replaced on the judging panel by Bruno Tonioli.

The British public is desperate to have him back on the show.

But as Amanda reportedly contemplates a move to the US, Jack Cooper revealed that we could see David return to the show. He said: “I think if Amanda does depart from the British show, the producers would highly likely consider bringing David Walliams back as the British public is desperate to have him back on the show.”

And fans of the show would certainly agree with Jack. Many BGT fans have called for David to return as a judge on the show. One viewer wrote: “Just catching up with BGT and I’m absolutely gutted there’s no David.” A second person said: “Anyone else missing David Walliams on BGT? Whilst I LOVE Bruno Tonioli, couldn’t they have had five judges? It’s NOT the same without David Walliams.” A third viewer added: “Sorry but it’s not the same without David. He was the best judge!”

Amanda Holden could be joining America’s Got Talent (Credit: ITV)

Amanda Holden to join America’s Got Talent?

Jack Cooper also tipped Amanda Holden for America’s Got Talent after “she fitted in really well” with the judges on the US show. He said: “I think it’s extremely likely that Amanda would be set to judge on America’s Got Talent. With her past success on BGT, this would be a natural and easy decision for the US producers. She already knows the show inside out and fully understands the Got Talent brand and format. I believe that this opportunity is already on the table for her. She’s just waiting to figure out a strategy for the move.”

Jack also warned that if Amanda does make the move, we might see a lot less of her on UK television. He added: “As we all know, she already has a huge following and fan base here in the UK. Whether she would want to continue with her current TV spots would be down to personal preference. If she does move to the US, some TV contracts may also have restrictions on whether or not she could even continue her work on certain UK TV projects. So it is possible that she may need to leave her current spots if she were to move to the US.”

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