Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan confirms Daisy and Ryan romance as ‘sparks’ fly

26 Apr 2023, 16:06

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In Coronation Street, Daisy is currently pretending to be Crystal, sending messages to Ryan on his phone.

This comes after Crystal told Daisy that she wanted nothing more to do with Ryan, with Daisy trying to protect him from learning the truth.

Now, Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has confirmed a Daisy and Ryan romance as ‘sparks’ fly between them.

Daisy has been posing as Crystal (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Daisy is pretending to be Crystal

After his acid attack, Alya visited Ryan in the hospital. Grateful for her support, Ryan confessed that he loved her. However, sadly, Alya only saw him as a friend.

Trying to put a spring in his step, Daisy arranged for Ryan’s Ibiza crush, Crystal, to visit him. However, after she left the hospital she told Daisy that she wanted nothing to do with Ryan anymore.

Daisy knew how much upset this would cause if she told Ryan that Crystal didn’t want to know him and that his job in Ibiza was off the table.

Instead, she decided to switch her old phone on and pretend to be Crystal, messaging Ryan. Instead of finishing things with Ryan, she gave him hope.

Now Daisy’s been continuing to message with Ryan, lying about enjoying life in Ibiza when this isn’t the case. Ryan is unaware that Daisy is catfishing him.

Daisy will be ‘confused’ about her feelings for Ryan (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte Jordan confirms Daisy and Ryan romance

Daisy Midgeley star, Charlotte Jordan, has confirmed that Daisy and Ryan will embark on a romance as ‘sparks’ fly.

This comes after Daisy failed to make it to the alter on her wedding day to Daniel as a result of the acid attack.

Speaking to Metro about Daisy’s relationship with Ryan, Charlotte revealed: “She feels responsible for him so her feelings are going to get really messy and she’s going to get confused. It’s going to get quite chaotic. Then the story may morph into a ‘can you love two people at once?’ storyline.”

Ryan Connor actor Ryan Prescott added: “There are different ways it can go but it does get very complicated. There’s this thing that happens when you endure extreme trauma with someone, it kind of bonds you together.

“So there is potential between Ryan and Daisy for sparks to happen and things to occur.”

Is it all over for Daisy and Daniel? (Credit: ITV)

What will this mean for Daisy and Daniel?

Currently, Daisy and Daniel are still engaged after their wedding day ended up seeing them fail to get married as Justin disrupted their big day.

Now, Charlotte has revealed that Daisy faces the dilemma of loving both Daniel and Ryan at the same time.

But, who will she ultimately choose to be with? Will Daisy choose to be with Ryan and end up leaving Daniel?

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