Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Amy rushed to hospital after overdosing on alcohol

26 Apr 2023, 11:35

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In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Wednesday April 26, 2023), Amy is rushed to hospital after overdosing on alcohol.

After falling behind on her Uni work, Amy turns to vodka to try to cope. It’s not long before Summer finds her unconscious.

As Amy is taken to hospital in an ambulance, will she end up being okay in Coronation Street spoilers tonight?

Amy turns to vodka (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy goes to hospital

Tonight, Amy receives a letter from uni revealing that she’s behind on her work. Ripping up the letter, she then grabs a bottle of vodka from the side.

Soon after, Summer worries as she finds Amy unconscious in Victoria Gardens, lying next to the vodka bottle.

Aadi and Aaron pass by the gardens whilst clashing with each other, however they soon stop when they realise that an ambulance has arrived for Amy.

At the hospital, it’s confirmed that Amy passed out due to having too much alcohol. With this, Summer tells Tracy and Steve that Aaron did rape Amy.

Aadi tries to protect Amy and blames Aaron for making Amy end up in hospital. As Amy accepts that she needs help, Aaron turns up in her hospital room to visit her. But, will he face up to what he did to Amy?

Paul gets some awful news (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul gets his MND diagnosis

Dee-Dee tells Paul that the police are looking at the CCTV footage but he should be free to go once they’ve analysed it.

After he’s let out of the police station Dee-Dee goes with Paul to his hospital appointment. They’re both devastated when it’s confirmed that Paul has MND.

Paul accepts that he needs to tell Billy and his loved ones the horrible news. But, will he be able to face telling them about his diagnosis?

It’s lights out in Underworld (Credit: ITV)

There’s chaos in the factory

Stephen puts pressure on the factory workers to work on the first Nippersnapper order. However, chaos soon erupts.

Sally, Michael and Izzy struggle to work as a power cut occurs, making the factory completely dark. Will the order get done in time?

Stu asks Hope to help arrange Eliza’s birthday party (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Stu seeks Hope’s expertise

Stu is delighted when he gets confirmation that Eliza can start attending Weatherfield High after the half-term.

Celebrating the good news , Yasmeen suggests that they hold a birthday party for Eliza. Stu lets Tyrone know of their plans.

He asks if Hope could conjure up a guest list of school pupils who could come to the party as Eliza doesn’t know anybody from her new school yet. But, will Hope meddle with the birthday plans?

Billy suggests a new hobby for George (Credit: ITV)

George gets some inspiration from Billy

George keeps Eileen awake all night after tossing and turning, worrying about how Rest Easy are trying to better Shuttleworth’s.

With this, Billy suggests that George distracts himself with a hobby. He gives him the idea of model-making. But, will George take up this new hobby?

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