Prince Harry must face ‘awkward’ family reunion ‘head on’ at coronation

25 Apr 2023, 15:50

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Prince Harry must face his “awkward” family reunion at the coronation “head on” to regain control over “crumbling” ties, a PR expert has claimed.

The 38-year-old will get the opportunity to do so when he flies over for the coronation – which takes place next weekend.

Harry is returning for the coronation (Credit:

Prince Harry must face family reunion ‘head on’ at coronation

Next week will see Prince Harry return to the UK for the coronation – and potentially experience an “awkward” reunion with his family.

Harry is reportedly just making a flying visit to the UK for the coronation. He will reportedly depart straight after the coronation.

According to PR expert and CEO of UnlockdPR is of the opinion that the Duke of Sussex should face this reunion “head on”. He believes that this will give him the opportunity to regain control over his “crumbling” ties with the Royal Family.

“The coronation isn’t just a momentous occasion for his father, it could be the bridge to repairing the relationship between the two offshoots of the royal families,” Jordan exclusively told ED!

He then said that if Harry takes the opportunity to repair ties, it could lead to a “healthier, harmonious relationship for both sides”.

Could William and Harry mend their relationship? (Credit:

Could Prince Harry mend relationships at coronation?

Jordan then continued, saying: “Showing his face [at the coronation] just isn’t good enough – both for his family and public image.

“And, while he shouldn’t attempt to get involved with the ceremony or surrounding media circus, Prince Harry should seize this opportunity as a way to get control of both his crumbling familial ties and his image as a royal,” he then added.

Showing his face [at the coronation] just isn’t good enough.

“No matter what the Prince does the nation will have him under a microscope, and while it might seem a good idea, in theory, to keep his interactions to a minimum, Harry’s attempts to hide in the shadows could inadvertently put the spotlight on him again, calling into question his honour and respect towards the monarchy should he choose to leave the country without seeing his father or brother,” Jordan then said.

Will we ever see the fab four reunite? (Credit: YouTube)

Harry in for ‘awkward’ reunion?

Jordan then continued, saying: “Seeing any family member after an argument is always awkward, but it’s not something unique to the Prince.

“While it’s sure to be a cringe-worthy moment facing his family after the things he has revealed to the public (think frost-bitten appendages and romps behind stables) this could be the very moment the royal family needs to heal,” he then said.

He then continued, saying: “The Prince just needs to face it head-on, not run away from it.”

With the coronation just days away, it won’t be long now until we do see just how Harry is with the Royal Family during the historic event.

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