Meghan Markle shuts down Prince Harry’s romantic gesture: ’No means no’

25 Apr 2023, 13:55

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended an NBA game in Los Angeles last night, (April 24), but when the pair appeared on the kiss-cam, Meghan rejected Harry’s advances for a smooch.

Body language expert Judi James revealed told the Daily Mail that Meghan sent a playful “no means no” message to her husband as the pair shared a flirty moment where Harry tried to kiss the Duchess of Sussex.

The expert explained that Meghan clearly had a “look of love” for Harry, despite turning him down for a kiss.

Meghan Markle turned down Harry’s public advances (Credit: Cover Images)

Meghan Markle turns down romantic gesture from Prince Harry

Prince Harry leaned in for a kiss as he and Meghan appeared on the kiss-cam at the Arena in Los Angeles during a basketball game. Thousands of fans reportedly cheered them on to kiss, but Meghan did not return the gesture.

Meghan laughed off his advances, as she held onto his arm and denied his gesture for a public kiss. While Judi James made it clear that “no means no” for Meghan, she is still full of love for him. She explained in the Daily Mail: “Her eye-engage with Harry prompted a very flattering look of love, facial-expression softening response.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in LA!#NBACelebRow

— NBA (@NBA) April 25, 2023

While Meghan did show “subtle restraint” to Harry, Judi explained it showed shyness and playfulness. She continued: “But she did it in a way that still showed love for him by blending signals of shyness and playful flirting with some tie-signs that said ‘no’.”

The royal couple were joined by celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Adam Sandler and Sean ‘Diddy’ Coombs at the basketball game. It was their first public appearance for a month, before Harry will head to the UK for the King’s coronation without Meghan.

Meghan recently made a sweet remark about her family (Credit: Cover Images)

Meghan and Harry latest

In other recent Harry and Meghan news, Meghan recently made a touching remark about her family. Introducing photographer Misan Harriman at a TED Talk, she thanked the photographer for his work. She said: “I’ve experienced his talent first hand as he has captured many meaningful milestones for me and my family. And I know there are many others who share this experience.”

She continued: “His lens has photographed everything from events that have changed the world, invisible moments we all desperately needed to see along with some of the planet’s most recognisable faces.”

It follows Meghan’s statement about a letter she reportedly wrote to King Charles, who was Prince of Wales at the time. A source told The Telegraph that Meghan wasn’t attending the coronation due King Charles’ response to the letter, which was about concerns about racism within the royal family.

Meghan shut down the rumours in a statement. It read: “The Duchess of Sussex is going about her life in the present, not thinking about correspondence from two years ago related to conversations from four years ago. Any suggestion otherwise is false and frankly ridiculous. We encourage tabloid media and various other royal correspondents to stop exhausting the circus that they alone are creating.”

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