Lucy Humphrey’s dog sniffs out one-in-22 million organ match for owner battling kidney failure

25 Apr 2023, 15:14


Lucy Humphreys’ dog found her owner a one-in-22 million organ match while on a walk.

The 44-year-old was told that she would die if she didn’t get a new kidney.

The 44-year-old needed a new kidney (Credit: BBC)

Lucy Humphreys’ dog ‘sniffed out’ one-in-22 million organ match f0r owner

Lucy Humphreys of Newport, South Wales, had kidney failure after suffering from Lupus for 15 years.

Lupus is a disease that happens when your body’s immune system attacks your own organs and tissue. The 44-year-old was told that she would die if she didn’t get a new kidney.

However, when Lucy and her partner, Cenydd, went to the beach on Barry Island, South Wales, their dog, Indie, kept approaching a stranger.

The stranger in question turned out to be Katie James. Katie had recently signed up for the kidney donor list. Incredibly, she was also a perfect match for Lucy.

Speaking to The Sun, Katie said: “One doctor said it was the hand of God — more like the hand of dog if you ask me.”

Katie James was a match for Lucy (Credit: BBC)

Lucy Humphreys’ dog saves owners life

Lucy then described the meeting as a “miracle”.

“If Indie hadn’t sniffed Katie out on the beach I may never have found my perfect match. I think her doggy instincts told her that Katie was a warm, kind, and generous person who would be happy to help me,” she said.

Lucy went over to Katie to apologise for Indie bothering her. The pair got talking and Katie invited Lucy to join their beach barbeque.

When offered a drink by Katie, it was explained that Lucy couldn’t drink as she was on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. It was at this point that Katie revealed that she’d put herself on the kidney donation register.

Lucy found her donor match while on a walk (Credit: BBC)

One-in-22 million organ match

The pair exchanged numbers and contacted a donor coordinator the following day.

“She had all the tests and it turned out she was a perfect match. A surgeon told us it’s a one-in-22 million chance to find the perfect match, and that’s what I needed as I’ve got Lupus,” Lucy said.

The kidney transplant saved Lucy’s life. She had been previously been told by doctors that she only had about five years left.

Katie and Lucy had the transplant in October 2022 at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Lucy is now fully recovered and living a normal life. She’s now able to drink too. Speaking about the op, Lucy said that it has “completley changed” her life.

She also branded Katie a “wonderful, sefless person”.

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