I’m A Celebrity star Shaun Ryder to ‘lose his cool’ and quit the show over Gillian McKeith’s arrival?

25 Apr 2023, 15:50
25 Apr 2023, 21:10

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I’m A Celeb kicked off last night, with many fans deciding Shaun Ryder is already their winner. But body language expert Darren Stanton has predicted that Shaun may quit the show with the shock entrance of arch nemesis Gillian McKeith.

Gillian made a surprise arrival to South Africa at the end of last night’s opening episode (April 24), but she and Shaun have an old feud dating back to 2010. During one of their challenges when they first appeared on the show together, Shaun called Gillain “a [bleep]ing irritating woman”. The pair also had a heated argument about Shaun’s smoking.

Body language expert Darren, speaking on behalf of Betfair, has now predicted an early exit for Shaun after his friction with both Janice Dickinson and Gillian McKeith.

Shaun Ryder didn’t seem too happy about Gillian McKeith’s arrival! (Credit: ITV)

Shaun Ryder to quit I’m A Celeb over Gillian McKeith?

When Gillian McKeith showed up at the end of last night’s episode, Shaun didn’t look too happy to see his former I’m A Celeb co-star.

Darren revealed Shaun is “most likely to walk” from the competition due to his reaction. He claimed: “It’s going to be an interesting dynamic in the group, especially with the surprise entrance of Gillian. It’s clear Shaun already has a few issues with her, which he found difficult to mask. When he realised it was Gillian entering the camp, his face was one of total disbelief. The expression he pulled was not positive. He also flashed a combination of both contempt and disgust.”

If Shaun was pushed to his limits, he will most likely walk from the competition.

This flash of “contempt and disgust” could escalate to Shaun losing in his cool in the all-star camp. Darren explained: “I definitely believe Shaun will be the first person to lose his cool in the camp. I can’t imagine he will bite his tongue when it comes to dealing with Janice and Gillian. Overall, I believe that if Shaun was pushed to his limits, he will most likely walk from the competition. However, only time will tell.”

Darren also predicted further conflict between Janice and Shaun. He added: “I certainly believe there will be friction between Janice and Shaun, especially from the outset. Shaun has a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of personality. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and say what he thinks, which could result in fireworks between the two. I also noticed when Janice entered the camp, she appeared to take instant leadership and ownership. From my analysis, she isn’t afraid to step on anyone’s toes.”

Helen Flanagan may have a ‘secret strategy’ for the competition (Credit: ITV)

Helen Flanagan’s ‘secret strategy’?

Darren also shared that Helen Flanagan may have her own “secret strategy” for the competition. Darren believes that Helen’s body language shows that she may have more resilience than she appears. Darren explained: “I think Helen could potentially have a bit of a secret strategy. She comes over as being frightened, however, I saw a few gestures and comments that led me to believe that she has a lot more resilience than what she makes out.”

He added: “For example, she was screaming during the task, but her facial expressions betrayed her actions and body language. She seemed to want to attract the attention and support from her teammates. She was not displaying true terror throughout the challenge, which tells me that she is a woman of hidden depth. It’s going to be very interesting to see how she copes with the new format of the show. With Helen, I think we could look forward to some potential fireworks from her. She made a few comments, which initially seemed innocuous, but could cause a stir further down the line.”

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I’m a Celebrity… South Africa continues on ITV tonight, Tuesday April 25, at 9pm.

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