I’m A Celeb 2023: ‘Outraged’ viewers fume as they flood ITV with complaints

25 Apr 2023, 14:57
25 Apr 2023, 14:59

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The first I’m A Celeb of 2023, I’m A Celebrity… South Africa, began on ITV last night (April 24).

The latest series, which sees a group of previous contestants face even tougher tasks, has been eagerly anticipated by many fans of the reality show. It saw the return of iconic stars such as Carol Vorderman and Phil Tufnell.

In equal measure, several viewers were uncertain about the new show. Unlike previous series, this one was pre-recorded in September and so includes no public vote.

However, it was another aspect of the show that seemed to be bugging ITV viewers. Twitter was quickly flooded with complaints from ITV viewers yesterday, with one particular issue leaving them “fuming”.

I’m A Celebrity welcomed back some familiar faces last night (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celeb 2023: Viewer complaints pour in

Many ITV viewers took to Twitter to complain following the first episode of I’m A Celebrity… South Africa. The amount of adverts that seemed to be constantly interrupting the show was getting on people’s nerves.

I might start recording it and watching the following day, skipping the endless adverts.

One viewer moaned: “90-minute run time includes an hour of pointless slow motion walking, repeated content and adverts leaving 30 minutes of true content.” “Can we have some programme with our adverts, please?” someone else begged.

“So many ad breaks. Is this because we can’t vote on this series?” asked another. “Killing me with all the ads,” declared another. “The amount of ads is outrageous,” said another.

Ant and Dec were back on our screens last night with a new series of I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)


Another viewer went so far as to suggest the amount of ad breaks had made the show “unwatchable”.

“Loving #ImACeleb but oh my god the amount of adverts!!” tweeted somebody else, concluding that in future they would have to “watch on record”. Others seemed to have the same idea, with one person tweeting: “I might start recording it and watching the following day, skipping the endless adverts.”

Another agreed and said: “AD count is ridiculous!!! Watching an hour later from now on so I can skip them!”

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I’m A Celebrity… South Africa will be on tonight (April 25) at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.

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