Emmerdale fans all asking the same question as Nicky’s gay past revealed

25 Apr 2023, 13:10

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Last night in Emmerdale (Monday April 24, 2023), Nicky Miligan’s past was uncovered as he kissed his old friend, Ally, on a country lane.

Meeting up with Ally, Nicky revealed his sexuality to viewers as his secret romance with Ally was revealed.

Now, Emmerdale fans have all been asking the same question about Nicky and Caleb as Nicky Miligan’s gay past was revealed.

Nicky kissed Ally (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Nicky kissed Ally

Nicky’s old friend, Ally, arrived in the village and bumped into Nicky in the Hide last week. Nicky wasn’t best pleased to see him but Gabby was thrilled to meet one of Nicky’s mates.

Gabby invited Ally back to Home Farm and got to know him better. However, once Gabby had left the room, Nicky started questioning Ally.

Nicky wanted to know why Ally had turned up in the village. Ally explained that he was shocked to hear of Nicky’s engagement and wanted to meet his wife-to-be.

As Ally suggested that Nicky was only marrying Gabby for the money, Nicky told Ally that his situation had nothing to do with him.

Last night, Nicky met up with Ally again as he drove by in a country lane. Nicky soon kissed Ally, revealing himself to be gay or bisexual.

Does Caleb know about Nicky’s sexuality? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans all ask the same question about Caleb

Emmerdale fans are now all asking the same question after seeing Nicky kiss Ally. They’re wondering whether Caleb knows about Nicky’s sexuality.

One fan wondered: “WOW! What a twist, Nicky is gay – the question is does Caleb know Nicky’s little secret?”

WOW! What a twist Nicky is gay – the question is does Caleb know Nicky's little secret? 🤔🤔#Emmerdale

— Ryan Glendenning (@RyanTheSoapking) April 25, 2023

Does Caleb know his son is Gay #Emmerdale

— Ben Church (@ChurchieBoy1986) April 24, 2023

Caleb don’t know his son is gay #emmerdale

— Alan Cortes (@AlanCortes) April 24, 2023

Another viewer also pondered whether Caleb knew about Nicky’s sexuality secret, asking: “Does Caleb know his son is gay?”

A third person suggested that Caleb doesn’t know Nicky’s big secret, tweeting: “Caleb doesn’t know his son is gay.”

Does Caleb know the truth? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Does Caleb know about Nicky’s sexuality?

Caleb’s desperate for his and Nicky’s plan to work. He’s made it clear that Nicky has to keep Gabby sweet so that they can get her shares of Home Farm.

However, whilst Caleb knows that Nicky has no feelings for Gabby, he may not know that Nicky’s interests actually lie with Ally.

Does Caleb already know about Nicky’s sexuality? Could Nicky’s sexuality jeopardise their plan if Gabby finds out the truth?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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