EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 1-5

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Keanu takes one risk too many when he signs up to work for Ravi. He’s arrested at Albie’s christening, but how will Sharon react?

After his release, Keanu is confronted by Ravi and later found left for dead. Did Ravi do this? And will Keanu survive?

Also next week, Linda struggles after receiving news of Janine. Can Alfie and Billy cheer her up?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers
1. Keanu arrested at Albie’s christening

It’s the morning of Albie’s christening. But Keanu is distracted by Ravi who reminds him there’s big money for the delivery job.

Keanu is torn as he shares a moment with Sharon. Will he go ahead with the criminal activity to provide for his family?

When he sees the flash present Martin and Zack have bought Albie he’s annoyed. It makes up his mind and Keanu resolves to carry out the job.

Making an excuse, Keanu tells Sharon that he’ll meet them at the church. But will she get suspicious of where he’s really going?

Ravi tells Keanu he’s transporting drugs in white goods, but a flat tyre makes Keanu late for the christening. Making a hasty decision, he parks the van outside the church and rushes inside.

It proves to be a huge mistake. The alarm goes off during the service and Keanu dashes outside.

He finds the police by the van and they arrest him for intent to supply. Sharon reels in shock.

2. Sharon torn

Sharon is shell-shocked over what’s happened, but heads to The Vic where she defends Keanu. Karen demands Sharon do something, insisting her son wouldn’t be involved in drugs, but will Sharon act?

As Sharon calls a solicitor, Ravi overhears the discussions. He confronts Sharon as he thinks things have gone very wrong…

3. Keanu dies?

At the police station, Keanu calls Sharon and begs her to believe it’s not what it looks like. Meanwhile, he is offered a way out by grassing up his employers.

Keanu arrives back at the pub, but did he talk? He later swears to Ravi he say a word, but Ravi soon catches up with Keanu outside and dishes out revenge anyway…

Phil finds Keanu and calls an ambulance, just as upset Sharon arrives. They head to the hospital to await news of Keanu.

Sharon is convinced Ravi is responsible and shares her theory with Phil. Phil, however, is not sure she’s right.

Karen arrives and tears into Sharon for forcing Keanu to turn to crime to pay for her lifestyle. However, Bernie soon puts her mum in her place.

Sharon meanwhile confronts Ravi. She threatens to report him to the police, but will she go through with it?

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4. Linda drops a bombshell after Janine is sentenced

Alfie notices Linda is down and tries to cheer her up with coronation party talk. However Linda isn’t interested and shuts down his attempts.

Linda is struggling over Janine’s sentencing and is later shaken when she gets news of the outcome. Alfie tries to console her, but Linda can’t get over her loss.

It’s all too much and she drops a bombshell on Alfie: she can’t throw the coronation party because there’s no way she can face it without Mick.

5. Coronation fever hits Walford

Billy is also struggling to find the joy in celebrating his birthday knowing Lola is going to die. He can’t bring himself to feel happy.

Lola organises a surprise party for him, but how will he feel when he walks into The Vic to find all his friends waiting for him?

The next day, Billy is at the centre of the action as coronation fever hits Walford. He makes it his mission to convince Linda to host The Vic party for the event. He comes up with a beautiful gesture to include Mick in the celebrations.

Will it be enough to change her mind?

6. Jay’s lifeline

Jay plans a treat for Lola, but she feels too exhausted to go. She doesn’t tell Jay, however he has to cancel anyway due to an undertaker letting him down at short notice.

Billy notices Jay is doing too much and is determined to take the pressure off him. Billy turns to Ben for help.

Between them, Ben and Billy arrange compassionate leave for Jay and he’ll still get full pay. Jay’s overwhelmed as he can now start focusing on spending time with Lola before it’s too late.

7. Trouble in paradise for Sonia and Reiss?

Sonia gets her wires crossed when she thinks Reiss is planning a big party for her birthday. In fact, he’s talking about celebrating King Charles and the coronation!

Soon, Sonia is fed up of Reiss’ coronation party talk. However will she tell him why she’s so put out?

When Rocky makes a grand gesture to Kathy it further puts Sonia’s nose out of joint. Sonia confides in Rocky, who shares some wise words: she and Reiss need to get to know each other better.

After Rocky reveals why Sonia’s upset, Reiss makes it his mission to give her a birthday to remember. He goes all-out to make it a success, but will he pull it off?

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