Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 1-5

25 Apr 2023, 00:01
21 Apr 2023, 14:05

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Sarah is caught out when Nick confronts her. How will she talk her way out of this one?

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee catches Paul out. But will she report him to the police?

Also next week, Tim takes action against Stephen, and Amy continues to struggle with her trauma.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers
1. Sarah caught out

Sarah and Adam go to the bistro for his birthday, but Sarah squirms when Nick tells Adam there’s a problem with the late licence. It turns out some locals have raised objections to it.

Maria soon lets slip Sarah was one of those who was against it. Adam and Nick are stunned. However, Damon enjoys Sarah‘s discomfort.

Nick is furious with his sister and demands answers – can Sarah talk her way out of it?

2. Nick woos the locals

After hearing Sarah’s objections Nick calls at the Rovers and tells them there will be a meeting to air their opinions on the late licence idea. Gail however, tells her son she doesn’t have any objections to it.

Nick is confused and wonders why Sarah lied, but will he confront her? And how will she explain herself for a second time?

Meanwhile, when the meeting kicks off, Brian, Evelyn and Ken fire questions at Nick about the noise pollution. Nick tries to answer them, but Damon is nowhere in sight to back him up. Will they manage to appease the locals?

3. Paul caught out

Dee-Dee is suspicious of Paul when she’s forced to cover for Paul with Billy. Dee-Dee follows Paul to a car park, where she finds him about to steal a car.

She threatens to call the police, but adamant he needs the money Paul drives off. Can Dee-Dee find another way to get through to him? Or will she have to call the cops on her friend?

4. Gemma’s wedding dress disaster

Paul, Gemma and Bernie go wedding dress shopping. In the shop Gemma finds her dream dress, but it’s too expensive. Paul hits on a plan.

Paul takes a picture hoping to get the factory girls to make a cheap copy, but the shop assistant catches them. How will Gemma get her dream dress now?

5. Amy suffers a panic attack

Amy gets the bus into town to meet a uni friend, but is uncomfortable when a man sits next to her. She has a panic attack and demands the bus driver pull over and let her off. Will Amy be okay?

6. Tim stops the wedding!

Elaine and Tim are at war over her marriage plans with Stephen. She agrees to fly out to Las Vegas to get married that afternoon.

Sally breaks the news to Tim and is surprised when he offers to drive them to the airport. Tim insists he now accepts their marriage plans.

He lures Elaine into the taxi. But he soon speeds away with his mum, leaving Sally and Stephen on the doorstep – has he stopped the wedding?

Stephen is later distracted from Elaine when he sees Owen flirting with Jenny and gets angry. Will he be forced to deal with Owen?

7. David warns Max

Max is being considered for early release. But when David visits him in the STC, he warns him not to get his hopes up.

8. Aaron gets bad news

Eric returns and tells Aaron his nan has died before offering to take Aaron and Abi out for dinner.

Eric later invites Aaron to move in with him. Will Aaron leave to be with his dad?

9. George and Brian bond

George and Brian discover they both like building model ships, however they have a mishap when they glue Eileen’s favourite mug to the table!

Not deterred, Brian suggests they enter their models into a competition. Is this wise?

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