Malpractice viewers herald ‘tremendous’ actress Niamh Algar as the ‘new Sarah Lancashire’

24 Apr 2023, 10:54

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Malpractice viewers have admitted they are already “hooked’ on the ITV series, and have likened Irish actress Niamh Algar to TV legend Sarah Lancashire.

The five-part ITV series started on Sunday (April 23, 2023) with one of the most gripping opening episodes of a TV drama this year.

As well as the “addictive” storyline, fans were super impressed with the leading star Niamh Algar, who plays Dr Lucinda Edwards in the cast of Malpractice.

Dr Lucinda Edwards (Niamh Algar) had the day from hell in Malpractice episode 1 (Credit: ITV1)

Malpractice viewers ‘gripped’ by new ITV series

Millions tuned in to watch the first episode of Malpractice on ITV1 on Sunday night.

The tense medical drama introduced us to Lucinda Edwards, an experienced A&E doctor who was faced with an impossible task – treating two life-or-death cases at the same time.

In horrifying scenes, overdose patient Edith died, and an investigation was subsequently launched into Lucinda’s fitness to practice. But was Lucinda really to blame? Or was it just a tragic accident?

Of course, viewers were quick to make up their own minds as the episode progressed… But most viewers were in no doubt that they loved the series.

Fans called it “gripping”, “addictive” and admitted they were going to “binge watch” the series on ITVX.

However, some viewers called out the series for alleged inaccuracies, with one tweeting: “Anyone else getting really annoyed about all the inaccuracies on #Malpractice about how they investigate issues, etc? Basically, whoever wrote this doesn’t know what the [bleep] they are writing about.”

In fact, the series was written by Grace Ofori-Attah, who was a doctor for 15 years, before swapping medicine for storytelling.

Malpractice on ITV1 stars Niamh Algar, Jordan Kouame, and Helen Behan (Credit: ITV1)

Is Malpractice actress Niamh Algar the new Sarah Lancashire?

One thing’s for sure, viewers were impressed with lead actress Niamh Algar, even likening her to Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire.

Niamh Algar portrays Dr Lucinda Edwards in the cast of Malpractice on ITV1.

Irish actress Niamh is perhaps best known for playing Dinah in The Virtues opposite Stephen Graham. She won Best Actress in a Leading Role in a TV Drama at the 2020 IFTA Film & Drama Awards. And was subsequently named amongst the 2019 BAFTAs Breakthrough Brits.

One viewer wrote: “In all seriousness, Niamh Algar is up there with the likes of Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones. She is a tremendous actor.”

Another said: “Loved #Malpractice. Niamh Algar is an exceptional actress.”

A third added: “Niamh Algar is outstanding in this. Truly brilliant.”

“Well, #Malpractice was a bit good wasn’t it?!” said another. “@NiamhAlgar absolute top tier actor! Had that same tense vibe as #BoilingPoint. @PhilipBarantini is fast becoming one of the best British directors around! Oh and what an ending to ep 1!”

We couldn’t agree more!

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Malpractice continues with episode 2 on Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 9pm on ITV1. All episodes are currently available to binge-watch on ITVX.

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