Emmerdale star reveals the steamy scenes ITV refused to broadcast last week

24 Apr 2023, 16:31

Charity Dingle, Emma Atkins, Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd

An Emmerdale star has revealed a recent scene on the show that was deemed too racy to be aired pre-watershed on ITV. This resulted in the steamy scenes having to be re-shot before they could be aired.

But how did the soap manage to get itself in trouble with ITV’s compliance officers?

Randy Mack and Charity managed to get on the wrong side of  PC Swirling (Credit: ITV)

Charity and Mack get themselves in hot water

Last week’s episodes saw Charity marry long-term partner Mackenzie Boyd. But before the ceremony, Charity had arranged a surprise for her husband-to-be.

After learning of his childhood love of The A-Team, Charity hired a replica van. Dressing up as characters from the show, Charity and Mack sped about the local countryside as a pre-wedding treat. But, as they pulled over for a spot of slap and tickle, their behaviour got them – and the soap – in a bit of trouble.

The scene was originally intended to be a little raunchier (Credit: ITV)

Emma Atkins reveals steamy scenes banned by producers

Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women with co-star Lawrence Robb, actress Emma Atkins discussed how Charity and Mack’s friskiness upset the show’s producers.

Originally, the scene was intended to be a little spicier. “The guy who owned the van, he was shaking it,” Emma told Loose Women. “We all got told to just shake the van so then we went for it.”

Unfortunately, this was too much for the show’s compliance officers. “The director came over and went: ‘Compliance have said no.’ So they had to do a huge wide shot from the field on the other side of the village and you could just gently see it rocking.”

Thankfully Charity and Mack were able to get to church on time (Credit: ITV)

Charity and Mack rush to make the wedding

Charity and Mack were then arrested by local cop PC Swirling – but not for their act of roadside fornication. It was revealed that the van had been involved in an act of robbery.

Arrested by PC Swirling, the pair spent the night in the local jail cells. Thankfully, they were released in just enough time to make the wedding (thanks to some snappy driving from PC Swirling).

Charity and Mack are now married… but for how long?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7:30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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