The best pictures of Prince Louis making mischief as royal turns five

23 Apr 2023, 09:20

Prince Louis, Royal Family

Prince Louis is celebrating his fifth birthday today, with the youngest of the Wales children turning five.

To celebrate the young prince’s big day on Sunday (April 23), here are some of the best pictures of Louis making mischief!

Prince Louis is celebrating his birthday today (Credit:

Mischievous snaps of Prince Louis to celebrate his birthday

Today sees Prince Louis turn five years old. Over the years, the young prince has treated us to some hilariously mischievous moments – most notably at the late Queen’s Jubilee.

Here are some of our favourite mischievous Prince Louis moments over the years.

Prince Louis was hilarious at Trooping of the Colour in 2019 (Credit:

Louis at Trooping of the Colour in 2019

Prince Louis proved to be a mischievous little prince as far back as 2019! At the time, Louis had only recently turned one years old, but was already showing signs of becoming the cheeky chappie we know today.

The toddler’s face was a picture during the Trooping of the Colour back in 2019. The young prince could be seen waving and scowling up at the planes as they flew past.

At one point, he also seemed to be playing up and wanted to swap to be held by William instead of mum Kate.

Prince Louis stole the show at the Jubilee (Credit:

Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee

2022 seemed to be the year where Louis’ real mischievous side shone through. It’s safe to say that the young prince stole the show at times during the Jubilee last summer.

During Trooping of the Colour, Louis’ face was a picture. The youngster could be seen covering his ears and screaming as the planes roared past.

Louis’ got told off by Kate eventually (Credit: Shutterstock)

But that wasn’t all Louis did. The tot also decided to pull silly faces at the crowds during – much like his uncle, Prince Harry, had once done at the Trooping of the Colour in 1988.

Just like Harry, Louis was eventually told off by his mum and stopped. However, Kate was far too late – royal fans around the world had seen Louis’ cheeky faces – and they loved it!

Louis was cheeky during the Jubilee concert (Credit: Shutterstock)

Prince Louis’ mischevious behaviour at the Jubilee concert

Louis’ cheeky behaviour extended beyond Trooping of the Colour though. The youngest prince of the Wales family was also in fine form during the Jubilee concert too.

As well as boogying along to the music, the Prince also garnered worldwide attention when he could be seen “clashing” with his mum. At one point during the show, Louis could be seen blowing a raspberry at Kate, as well as covering her mouth with his hand when she tried speaking to him!

He was also seen waving his finger in her face, seemingly not interested in what she had to say.

Louis stole the show (Credit: Shutterstock)

Elsehwere in the show, Louis could be seen pulling Mia Tindall‘s hair. The young prince was also seen throwing peace signs into the air during the concert too.

Cheeky Louis pulling Mia’s hair (Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/Shutterstock)

The question now is when will we next see a mischievous Prince Louis moment? Could he steal the show at the upcoming coronation? There’d be no better stage for the young prince, that’s for sure!

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