Emmerdale spoilers: Chas Dingle terrified as stalker returns to the village?

23 Apr 2023, 15:10
23 Apr 2023, 15:10

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Emmerdale bar manager Chas Dingle might be terrified next week when her stalker seemingly returns to the village. Tom King terrorised Chas more than a decade ago after blaming her for his dad Carl’s death.

Last played by Mark Flanagan in 2013, Carl King’s son will now be played by James Chase. He will arrive in the village next week and reconnect with ex Belle Dingle.

Chas Dingle’s stalker is back in Emmerdale and she’s bound to be terrified (Credit: ITV)

But his appearance is set to send shock through the community. Now actor James has teased how Tom will attempt to mend his fractious relationship with Chas after years away from the village.

But it may be safe to say that Chas may be terrified that her stalker is back. “Part of the darkness of that time in Tom’s life definitely affected Chas,” he said, acccoring to Digital Spy.

“He was awful to her, he really was. We are definitely going into that again – more in the sense of Tom feeling that he’s turned over a new leaf. He was very young and full of emotion when he was dealing with these issues.

“I don’t think he really knew how to deal with them. He’s definitely going down the route of trying to build those bridges up that he burned. With Chas, he will try to apologise to her and build that friendship again.”

Emmerdale: Villain Tom King returns but is he reformed?

Viewers may remember how Tom dated Belle Dingle during his original stint in the village. However, their relationship caused a lot of trouble.

The Dingles didn’t approve of Belle dating Tom, deeming him as a bad influence. However, Belle was lovestruck and rebelled. Tom had caused upset for Chas after stalking her whilst trying to get revenge for Carl’s death. He had shaken her up by sending her horrifying photos in the post.

Later on, Tom and Belle planned to run away from the village together. However, the Dingles phoned the police, accusing Tom of abducting Belle.

Tom King returns to Emmerdale next week (Credit: ITV)

Tom ended up leaving the village on his own, going to live in Saudi Arabia, whilst Belle returned back home without him. Next week, a mysterious figure watches over Belle. However, when he finally bumps into Belle, he reintroduces himself to her as Tom King.

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The pair have a lot of catching up to do and start flirting with each. Soon enough, Tom asks Belle out for a drink with him. Belle’s delighted by the return of Tom and agrees to grabbing a drink with him tomorrow. But, will romance be in the air for Tom and Belle? Or, will Tom destroy Belle’s life?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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