Prince Louis to celebrate ‘milestone’ birthday at ‘intimate party with family and friends’

22 Apr 2023, 10:00
21 Apr 2023, 15:35

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Prince Louis will celebrate his fifth birthday tomorrow (April 23) with an “intimate” party with “family and friends”, one royal expert has claimed.

It’s a busy time for the Prince and Princess of Wales with Louis‘ birthday, daughter Charlotte’s birthday (May 2) and the coronation. However, they are expected to celebrate Louis’ birthday this weekend with a party – especially as he reaches the milestone age of five.

Prince Louis celebrates his fifth birthday this weekend (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Louis to have birthday party with ‘friends and family’

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede, who has been planning parties for decades, gave ED! an insight into what Louis’ birthday celebrations could look like.

He told us: “I expect Prince Louis will have a small party with his friends and family. It’s a busy time for him and his parents and grandparents so I expect he will be having a small intimate one.”

He is five so that’s a milestone for anyone, especially a prince.

However, Nick went on to add: “He is five so that’s a milestone for anyone, especially a prince.”

Duncan Larcombe, royal expert, also predicts Louis will celebrate with his nearest and dearest tomorrow. He told us: “Prince Louis will celebrate his birthday this weekend with the family and his siblings George and Charlotte.”

With Kate previously admitting to staying up late the night before to bake her kids’ birthday cakes, we wonder what she’ll whip up for Louis! The tot is a favourite with royal fans after his hilarious antics at the Platinum Jubilee last year.

It’s predicted that Louis will celebrate at an ‘intimate’ party with his parents and siblings among those attending (Credit: Splash News)

Will we get a new picture of Louis?

Well that’s the question on the lips of every royal fan this weekend. Pictures of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been released previously to mark their birthdays. So it’s highly likely we’ll see new pictures of Louis this weekend.

Nick agrees and said: “Yes, I expect we will have some solo shots of the prince and ones with his family and the dogs of course. The images will be featured in the news and on social media worldwide.”

Richard Fitzwilliams feels the same. The royal expert told ED!: “Photographs have been released of Louis and his siblings at appropriate times. I am sure we can expect one on his birthday, perhaps taken by Catherine.”

Kate is, of course, a keen photographer. As a result, she often takes pictures of the children that are then shared with the world via social media.

Duncan thinks we can expect a picture taken by Kate, too. “Royal fans will also expect to see an official picture of the adorable young royal as is tradition. Usually mum Kate plays the role of official photographer but nothing has yet been confirmed.”

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