Paul O’Grady eulogy ‘censored’ for church as Julian Clary led game of Blankety Blank

22 Apr 2023, 15:38

Julian Clary, Paul O'Grady

Julian Clary led a game of Blankety Blank at the funeral of Paul O’Grady, leaving mourners giggling.

Lily Savage star Paul sadly died aged 67 on March 28, with his funeral taking place on Thursday (April 20). Stars and the public alike joined together to honour the beloved TV personality; the streets of Aldington, Kent lined with well-wishers.

In the service, some of Paul’s nearest and dearest made emotional tributes.

And Julian Clary paid fitting tribute to the late comedian, giving a speech but filling in the expletives with ‘blanks’.

Julian Clary was one of many famous faces to attend the service (Credit: Splash News)

Julian Clary’s touching speech

Norman Corfield, churchwarden for St Rumwold’s Church, told the Daily Express: “It was amusing and caused a lot of laughter.”

He explained: “He [Julian] started it by saying because it was in a church he wouldn’t be using any swear words, so he amused everybody by putting a lot of “blanks” in.

“There were lots of blanks in amongst the words he said. He was telling stories about his time with Paul O’Grady and he obviously had a great time with him and he was very fond of him.”

Reverend Canon Roger Martin said the eulogy was ‘very entertaining’.

He added: “He spoke quite a lot about their stage life together.”

Paul O’Grady passed away aged 67 (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to reporters after the service, Rev Martin said: “The mood was very jolly. There were some recordings of Paul, favourite clips, a good selection of varied music, it was light-hearted. It was a moving occasion.”

Mr Martin has known Paul since 2011, saying he was “very humble” and “community-minded”.

A bronze statue of Paul’s dog Buster was placed on a leopard-print throw. Meanwhile, a photo of Paul was surrounded by lilies – a nod to his alter-ego Lily Savage.

Paul O’Grady funeral details

You Gotta Get A Gimmick, the 1993 Bette Midler hit from Paul’s favourite musical Gypsy also featured as mourners entered the church.

Meanwhile, other music played included Looking For Trouble by Elvis Presley and the theme from Upstairs Downstairs.

A poem from Rumi was read out during the service while a photo of Paul hugging a baby orangutan was displayed. There was also an image of Paul in drag, alongside the quote: “See you down there.”

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