Emmerdale fans work out real identity of Nicky’s mystery ‘friend’

22 Apr 2023, 11:33

Emmerdale, Nicky Miligan

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out the real identity of Nicky Miligan’s mystery friend – and it’s bad news for Gabby Thomas. The conman nanny was shocked this week when his old pal Ally turned up.

Nicky was visibly rocked by Ally arriving and wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. But Ally had more staying power than that.

Nicky looked terrified to have Ally in Emmerdale  (Credit: ITV)

He ignored Nicky’s repeated comments about wanting him to go, and instead latched onto Gabby. He manipulated her into inviting him back to Home Farm.

Once there Ally couldn’t help but fire subtle barbs at Nicky for ‘landing on his feet’. And it soon emerged that running into Nicky wasn’t a coincidence.

He told Nicky: “I knew you lived here, which is why I came looking. I can’t believe you’re getting married and you didn’t even tell me.”

Emmerdale: Nicky Miligan hiding ANOTHER secret?

But Nicky told him: “This has got nothing to do with you so go and don’t come back.” His behaviour sparked suspicion from fans and they think he’s gay and Ally is his ex-boyfriend.

One said: “If that’s Nicky’s ex-boyfriend, then my assumption that he was gay was correct #Emmerdale.” A second said: “Why do I have a feeling that Nicky is gay?#Emmerdale.”

This has got nothing to do with you so go and don’t come back.

A third said: “Nicky’s gay, isn’t he???? #Emmerdale.” Another said: “Is this Gabby and Nicky storyline not legit because yah, he’s clearly gay #emmerdale.”

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson said this week: “We know that Nicky is Caleb’s son and that’s all kicked off.

But are fans right and is Ally Nicky’s ex-boyfriend? (Credit: ITV)

“But there is something else to still find out which I’m not going to tell you. But not all the secrets have been revealed yet.

“I also love reading all your theories and sometimes and think ‘Oh God that’s a really good idea, we should have done that one’. So there is something else you’re going to learn and there is going to be someone from Nicky’s past who turns up as well.

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“We will be left wondering what this means for Gabby. We know they are planning a wedding – is that going to go off? Is it not going to go off?”

Are fans right? Is Nicky secretly gay? And is Ally his ex-boyfriend?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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