Meghan Markle found moment with Kate and Prince William after Queen’s death ‘very difficult,’ new book claims

21 Apr 2023, 15:06
21 Apr 2023, 16:37

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Meghan Markle found a moment with Kate Middleton and Prince William following the Queen’s death ‘very difficult’, it has been alleged.

The claims were made in a new book by royal author Robert Jobson.

Meghan found the Windsor walkabout ‘very difficult’ (Credit:

Meghan Markle found moment with Kate and Prince William ‘very difficult’

According to a new book, Meghan found the Windsor walkabout with the Waleses following the Queen’s death “very difficult”.

After the Queen died, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan went on a walkabout in Windsor. There they met the crowds who had come to show their support following the monarch’s passing.

Royal author Robert Jobson made the claims in his new book, Our King: Charles III. According to the author, the Duchess of Sussex found the day to be very testing for a number of reasons.

One reason why she reportedly found it difficult is because of the fact that she was away from Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

“That’s the longest they had ever been away from the kids, and then on top of it, knowing what’s being said out there – it was very difficult,” he wrote.

ED! has contacted Meghan’s reps for comment.

Kate found the walkabout difficult too (Credit: The Royal Family Channel / YouTube)

Kate Middleton talks walkabout with Meghan Markle

Meghan isn’t the only one who reportedly struggled with the Windsor walkabout back in September.

According to reports, Kate found the walkabout one of the “hardest things she’d ever had to do”. This was due to the “ill-feeling” between the couples at the time.

“Catherine later admitted to a senior royal that, such was the ill feeling between the two couples, the joint walkabout was one of the hardest things she’d ever had to do,” Jobson told People.

He also said that the “togetherness” shown during the walkabout was simply an “illusion”.

Meghan isn’t going to the coronation (Credit: Netflix)

Meghan’s coronation decision ‘for Prince Harry’s sake’

In other Meghan-related news, it has been speculated that her decision to not attend the coronation is for Prince Harry’s sake. Prince Harry is attending the coronation alone. Meghan, meanwhile, is staying in the US.

Royal expert Grant Harrold, speaking on behalf of Slingo told ED!: “I think that Meghan not attending the coronation is possibly diplomatic.”

“However, it’s her son Archie’s birthday on the coronation weekend, so she will obviously want to be there to celebrate the occasion. It may also be a way of Meghan giving Harry a chance to go and reconnect with his family,” he then said.

“The reality is, due to Archie’s birthday, she and Harry have made the decision for her to stay at home. I don’t believe there would have been any issues if she did attend. They were both invited and the King wanted them to be there, despite what has happened in recent months.”

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