Emmerdale summer spoilers: Weddings, returns and HUGE secrets revealed!

21 Apr 2023, 19:30
21 Apr 2023, 11:44

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Emmerdale summer spoilers have been revealed, giving us lots to look forward to!

Executive producer Jane Hudson has teased all sorts of thrills, weddings, returns and reveals that are coming up over the next few weeks and frankly it’s hard to decide which one we’re most excited about!

Here’s our round-up of everything that’s happening in Emmerdale summer spoilers.

Belle is delighted when old flame Tom King returns to the village (Credit: ITV)

A new King!

Tom King Jr was last seen in the village ten years ago when he was a troubled and troublesome teenager. Now he’s back. He’s a qualified vet and he’s rekindling his youthful romance with Belle Dingle.

But the Kings weren’t the nicest family to have lived in the village. In fact, Carl – Tom Jr’s dad killed his own father and tried to rape Chas Dingle, before his death at the hands of serial killer Cameron Murray.

Is Tom following in his dad’s footsteps or is he one of the good ones?

Mary’s romance with Faye is going well! (Credit: ITV)

Mary’s heartbreak

We’ve seen Mary Goskirk falling for her new love interest Faye, and at the moment, things are going well. But Faye’s not what she seems and apparently, Mary’s about to get her heart broken.

“We are seeing Mary falling in love with Faye,” said Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson.  But she added that the story will not have a happy ending.

“I think what is really relevant for this story is how easy it is to be scammed,” Jane added. “No matter what age you are, we’re all vulnerable of being tricked and scammed and catfished. It’s a really heartbreaking story.”

Poor Mary!

Rhona’s story isn’t over yet (Credit: ITV)

Rhona’s torment continues

Mary isn’t the only member of the family to be having a hard time.

Daughter Rhona is still reeling from the arrival of her ex-husband Gus. He turned up in the village, revealed he’d faked Rhona’s signature to keep their embryos on ice, and then asked if he and his new wife could use the embryos to have their own family.

Not surprisingly, Rhona said no. But Jane has teased that this storyline isn’t over. “It’s one of those stories where when you think it’s ended, it probably hasn’t.”

Could Rhona be in for more nasty surprises?

Kim’s going to find out Caleb’s real identity very soon (Credit: ITV)

Caleb’s identity revealed!

Since the shocking reveal that Caleb isn’t just Faith Dingle’s son, but his dad was Frank Tate, we’ve all been desperate to know when the truth will come out.

Caleb and his secret son nanny Nicky have put their plan to get their hands on the Tates’ fortune into action. And Jane Hudson says we won’t have long to wait before Kim finds out everything!

In fact, she says the beans will be spilled “very soon”.

Jane revealed that Kim will discover what Caleb’s up to after the coronation – which is on May 5 – but before super soap week – which is the first week in June.

We can’t wait!

Is Nicky keeping more secrets? (Credit: ITV)

Nicky’s past comes back to haunt him

Caleb’s plot being uncovered isn’t the only reveal we’ve got to look forward to  in that storyline. Because it turns out, there’s more to discover about Caleb’s son, Nicky.

At the moment, Nicky’s desperately trying to persuade Gabby Thomas to marry him as soon as possible, though viewers know he’s faking his feelings. And Jane Hudson has teased that there’s more to discover about the Tate manny.

“Not all the secrets have been revealed yet,” she said. And she added that someone has arrived in the village from Nicky’s past, adding more complications to his relationship with Gabby.

Sounds intriguing!

Charity and Mack are all smiles now but not for long! (Credit: ITV)

Charity finds out the truth – finally!

With Mack desperately trying to stop Charity finding out he’s the father of Chloe’s baby boy, it’s clear that betrayal’s not going to stay secret for long.

In fact, Jane said that’s another big reveal that’s just around the corner. But how will Charity react to the news that Mackenzie’s got another woman pregnant? And will Mack decide he wants to be a dad, or a husband?

Cain and Caleb have put their differences aside but not for long! (Credit: ITV)

Cain v Caleb

Cain’s relationship with new-found brother Caleb is on a more even keel since he helped little Kyle get out of jail. But something’s about to happen that could leave Cain reeling!

Jane teased that Caleb is about to do something that could lead to financial ruin for Moira – oops! Does this mean more battles between the brothers?

Paddy’s recovery is continuing (Credit: ITV)

Paddy leaves the village

Paddy’s journey will continue over the summer, with another special episode planned that will feature him and Liam Cavanagh.

And speaking of Liam, there’s a new storyline in the works for him. According to Jane, it’ll start out as a lighthearted plot, but will become more serious.

Hmm, what could that be about?

Two weddings and a return

Finally, after the drama of Charity and Mackenzie’s wedding, Jane has revealed that there are more nuptials to come.

“There is at least one more wedding coming up before the end of the summer,” she teased. And she added that there’s a “familiar face” returning to the show who’ll arrive for one of the weddings.

Who could come back to the village? Tracy? Vanessa? Diane?! We’re looking forward to finding out!

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Emmerdale summer spoilers: Weddings, returns and HUGE secrets revealed!

Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7.30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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