EastEnders spoilers: Keanu caught red-handed as he starts working for Ravi?

21 Apr 2023, 16:12

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Latest EastEnders spoilers have revealed that, desperate for money, Keanu Taylor starts working for shady Ravi. But, as he takes part in one of Ravi’s dodgy deals, Keanu is caught red-handed by the police. Can he talk his way out of trouble?

This comes as he decides that he wants to plan a christening for Albie – on his own bankroll. Hard-up for cash, he’s forced to look outside of the law for some extra funds.

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this story in full below.

Keanu has big plans… but can he afford them? (Credit: BBC)

Keanu can’t afford his own ambitions

As the story begins, Keanu tells Sharon that he wants to have Albie christened. He then reveals that he wants to pay for the whole event. However, there’s tension between Sharon and Karen – who still disapproves of the relationship.

Later, Keanu is upset that he can’t actually afford Albie’s christening. Mitch suggests that he get some more work in.

Ravi agrees to put Keanu down for a trial, making one of his dodgy deliveries (Credit: BBC)

Keanu approaches dodgy Ravi for work

After being turned down by Alfie and Phil, Keanu talks to Zack. When Zack tells him about Ravi’s dodgy dealings, Keanu is intrigued. Zack warns him to stay away from shady Ravi, but Keanu is blinded by the money.

After speaking to Ravi, Keanu takes on some work, doing a trial run on a dodgy delivery the next day. Will Keanu come to regret getting in bed with Ravi?

Keanu is caught red-handed (Credit: BBC)

The police are on Keanu’s back

Later, Keanu feels the pressure when Sharon tells him that they need to pay Linda. Spurred on, he heads off to do Ravi’s delivery job.

But, just as Keanu picks up the boxes, a suspicious DS Giles emerges. Can Keanu keep his cool as he’s quizzed by the law?

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