Coronation Street spoilers: Amy collapses as she struggles with assault trauma

21 Apr 2023, 12:18

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Amy collapses, worrying Summer, as she struggles with her rape trauma.

Drinking a bottle of vodka, Amy tries to use alcohol as a distraction from what Aaron did to her, making her pass out.

Summer finds Amy unconscious and rings for an ambulance. But, will Amy get the support that she so desperately needs in Coronation Street spoilers?

Aaron defends himself (Credit: ITV)

Aaron continues to lie about the rape

Next week, trying to help out Asha, Aaron gives her the keys to the builder’s yard so that she can hold Nina’s birthday party there.

At the party, Amy’s uncomfortable as she watches Aaron flirt with a group of girls. Flashbacks of the night she was raped flood back when Aaron puts his hand on her shoulder.

Crying, Amy confesses to Summer and Aadi that Aaron did rape her whilst she was drunk and she can’t pretend that it didn’t happen any longer.

After the party, Aadi tells Aaron that he knows exactly what he did to Amy. Aaron lies and tells Aadi that Amy wanted the sex.

With Aaron having more to drink and passing out, Aadi’s furious with how Aaron is acting, seeking to get revenge.

Amy collapses next to a bottle of vodka (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Amy collapses

Worried after receiving a letter from Uni saying that she’s behind on her work, Amy turns to a bottle of vodka.

Spotting Amy unconscious in Victoria Gardens, Summer worries and calls for an ambulance. Aaron and Aadi start fighting but soon stop when they spot the ambulance.

At the hospital, the doctor reveals that Amy passed out due to drinking too much alcohol. With Tracy and Steve worried about their daughter, Summer tells them that Aaron did rape Amy.

Aadi launches for Aaron, wanting to protect Amy, with Amy later confessing to her parents the truth about what happened.

Out of hospital Amy tries to get back on track with her studies and sits with Summer in the café on her laptop.

As Aaron walks in, Amy’s shocked and accidentally knocks her coffee all over her laptop. She’s left worrying that she’ll be kicked off of her course.

With a mystery someone trying to act as a hero, Amy’s taken aback when Tracy finds a brand new laptop on the doorstep. But, did Aaron leave it there?

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